John J Fry, General Counsel & Secretary

QTRX 31,085 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John J Fry is at least $1,149,172.04. John J Fry owns over 31,085 units of Quanterix Corp. stock worth over $1,149,172.04.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd November 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.142Open or private sale31,085$36.97$5,249.56$1,149,172.04
1st October 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.143Open or private sale31,227$34.12$4,879.50$1,065,540.18
14th June 2019QTRX - Quanterix Corp.22,502Grant/award etc.22,502$0.00
18th February 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.11,143Grant/award etc.33,645$0.00
11th June 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.1,842Open or private sale31,803$24.77$45,617.68$787,610.84
1st July 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.10Open or private sale31,659$27.45$274.50$869,039.55
1st July 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.134Open or private sale31,669$26.83$3,595.02$849,631.77
3rd August 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.3Open or private sale31,518$33.33$99.99$1,050,494.94
3rd August 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.138Open or private sale31,521$32.23$4,447.67$1,015,906.07
1st September 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.148Open or private sale31,370$34.91$5,166.84$1,095,161.21