Keith Jensen, CFO & Chief Accounting Officer

FTNT 5,619 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Keith Jensen is at least $443,339.10. Keith Jensen owns over 5,619 units of Fortinet, Inc. stock worth over $443,339.10.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,752Payment by withholding5,619$78.90$217,132.80$443,339.10
1st February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative8,371$0.00
1st February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative3,371$0.00
1st February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.938Exercise of derivative2,121$0.00
1st February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.313Exercise of derivative1,183$0.00
1st February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.250Exercise of derivative870$0.00
15th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.328Open or private sale669$83.36$27,342.08$55,767.84
14th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.3,145Open or private sale997$83.34$262,093.92$83,086.69
14th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,805Open or private sale4,142$82.82$149,492.09$343,045.00
28th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,251Open or private sale669$87.83$109,875.33$58,758.27
28th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.834Exercise of derivative1,920$37.24$31,058.16$71,500.80
28th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.417Exercise of derivative1,086$23.83$9,937.11$25,879.38
26th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.10,000Open or private sale669$86.84$868,394.00$58,095.56
26th February 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative10,669$49.06$490,600.00$523,421.14
1st May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,860Payment by withholding2,558$91.89$170,915.40$235,054.62
1st May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative4,418$0.00
1st May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative3,168$0.00
1st May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.937Exercise of derivative1,918$0.00
1st May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.312Exercise of derivative981$0.00
16th May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,149Open or private sale708$83.04$95,415.83$58,794.09
16th May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.100Open or private sale1,857$81.62$8,162.00$151,568.34
16th May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.624Open or private sale1,957$81.11$50,612.64$158,732.27
16th May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,249Exercise of derivative2,581$37.24$46,512.76$96,116.44
16th May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.624Exercise of derivative1,332$23.83$14,869.92$31,741.56
14th May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.899Open or private sale708$81.41$73,186.69$57,637.57
14th May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.951Open or private sale1,607$80.94$76,974.23$130,071.06
22nd May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,499Open or private sale708$82.02$204,978.73$58,073.20
22nd May 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,499Exercise of derivative3,207$49.06$122,600.94$157,335.42
1st August 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,862Payment by withholding2,597$79.02$147,135.24$205,214.94
1st August 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative4,459$0.00
1st August 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative3,209$0.00
1st August 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.938Exercise of derivative1,959$0.00
1st August 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.313Exercise of derivative1,021$0.00
1st November 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,705Payment by withholding4,329$90.13$153,671.65$390,172.77
1st November 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative6,034$0.00
1st November 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative4,784$0.00
1st November 2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.937Exercise of derivative3,534$0.00
1st February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,598Payment by withholding9,097$115.36$299,705.28$1,049,429.92
1st February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.3,928Exercise of derivative11,695$0.00
1st February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative7,767$0.00
1st February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative6,517$0.00
1st February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.938Exercise of derivative5,267$0.00
11th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,450Open or private sale7,377$119.17$291,973.12$879,137.01
11th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,179Open or private sale9,827$117.70$138,763.11$1,156,594.66
11th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,466Open or private sale11,006$117.04$288,629.52$1,288,181.86
11th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,500Exercise of derivative13,472$49.06$122,650.00$660,936.32
11th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative10,972$37.24$46,550.00$408,597.28
11th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.625Exercise of derivative9,722$23.83$14,893.75$231,675.26
18th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.200Open or private sale2,627$120.94$24,188.00$317,709.38
18th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.4,144Open or private sale2,827$120.29$498,463.11$340,047.11
18th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.6,658Open or private sale6,971$119.43$795,142.97$832,523.53
18th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,500Exercise of derivative13,629$49.06$122,650.00$668,638.74
18th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,501Exercise of derivative11,129$37.24$93,137.24$414,443.96
18th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,251Exercise of derivative8,628$23.83$29,811.33$205,605.24
25th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.700Open or private sale2,627$109.49$76,646.01$287,641.53
25th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.100Open or private sale3,327$107.78$10,778.00$358,584.06
25th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,100Open or private sale3,427$106.44$117,088.95$364,785.30
25th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,201Open or private sale4,527$105.46$126,659.02$477,423.31
25th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.600Exercise of derivative5,728$84.49$50,694.00$483,958.72
25th February 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,501Exercise of derivative5,128$49.06$122,699.06$251,579.68
2nd March 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.11,184Open or private sale2,627$109.53$1,225,026.02$287,745.29
2nd March 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.11,184Exercise of derivative13,811$84.49$944,936.16$1,166,891.39
1st May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,727Payment by withholding4,382$104.34$180,195.18$457,217.88
1st May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.982Exercise of derivative6,109$0.00
1st May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative5,127$0.00
1st May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative3,877$0.00
12th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.300Open or private sale2,632$142.79$42,836.10$375,815.38
12th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.700Open or private sale2,932$141.77$99,239.00$415,669.64
12th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.300Open or private sale3,632$140.39$42,117.00$509,896.48
12th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.450Open or private sale3,932$139.03$62,564.40$546,673.82
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.700Open or private sale2,632$144.56$101,191.02$380,478.24
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,000Open or private sale3,332$143.11$143,110.00$476,842.52
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.900Open or private sale4,332$141.37$127,236.96$612,433.90
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,300Open or private sale5,232$140.15$182,199.03$733,281.02
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,330Open or private sale6,532$138.71$184,486.30$906,063.52
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,463Open or private sale7,862$137.49$201,148.16$1,080,947.95
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,945Exercise of derivative9,325$84.49$248,823.05$787,869.25
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,499Exercise of derivative6,380$49.06$122,600.94$313,002.80
26th May 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,249Exercise of derivative3,881$37.24$46,512.76$144,528.44
1st August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,727Payment by withholding4,387$138.30$238,844.10$606,722.10
1st August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.982Exercise of derivative6,114$0.00
1st August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative5,132$0.00
1st August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative3,882$0.00
12th August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,001Open or private sale787$127.43$127,555.23$100,285.68
12th August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,599Open or private sale1,788$126.54$328,870.96$226,249.05
25th August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,062Open or private sale787$132.96$274,167.44$104,641.02
25th August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.4,634Open or private sale2,849$131.80$610,778.81$375,509.03
25th August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,946Exercise of derivative7,483$84.49$248,907.54$632,238.67
25th August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.2,500Exercise of derivative4,537$49.06$122,650.00$222,585.22
25th August 2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative2,037$37.24$46,550.00$75,857.88