Randall S. Dearth

GCP 63,226 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Randall S. Dearth is at least $1,096,022.71. Randall S. Dearth owns over 63,226 units of GCP Applied Technologies, Inc. stock worth over $1,096,022.71.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
4th November 2020SCL - Stepan Co.302Bona fide gift10,365$0.00
4th November 2020SCL - Stepan Co.130Bona fide gift10,667$0.00
21st February 2019GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.12,324Grant/award etc.64,903$0.00
30th April 2019SCL - Stepan Co.1,087Grant/award etc.9,694$0.00
1st August 2019GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.3,485Grant/award etc.68,388$0.00
1st September 2019GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.5,162Payment by withholding63,226$17.34$89,483.27$1,096,022.71
24th February 2020GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.47,326Grant/award etc.109,345$0.00
21st February 2020GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.1,207Payment by withholding62,019$21.86$26,385.02$1,355,735.34
25th February 2020GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.2,523Grant/award etc.111,868$0.00
21st April 2020SCL - Stepan Co.1,103Grant/award etc.10,797$0.00
1st August 2020GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.516Payment by withholding111,352$22.82$11,775.12$2,541,052.64
1st September 2020GCP - GCP Applied Technologies, Inc.7,782Payment by withholding103,570$26.50$206,223.00$2,744,605.00