Peter Konieczny, President, Amcor Flexibles

AMCR 236,505 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Peter Konieczny is at least $2,660,681.25. Peter Konieczny owns over 236,505 units of Amcor Plc stock worth over $2,660,681.25.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th June 2019AMCR - Amcor Plc134,044Grant/award etc.134,044$0.00
3rd September 2019AMCR - Amcor Plc40,165Exercise of derivative174,209$0.00
18th August 2020AMCR - Amcor Plc34,450Grant/award etc.208,659$0.00
21st August 2020AMCR - Amcor Plc48,989Open or private sale236,505$11.25$551,126.25$2,660,681.25
21st August 2020AMCR - Amcor Plc76,835Exercise of derivative285,494$7.15$549,370.25$2,041,282.10
27th August 2020AMCR - Amcor Plc111,241Open or private sale293,829$11.06$1,230,058.48$3,249,043.55
27th August 2020AMCR - Amcor Plc168,565Exercise of derivative405,070$7.15$1,205,239.75$2,896,250.50
1st September 2020AMCR - Amcor Plc9,192Exercise of derivative303,021$0.00
1st August 2019AMCR - Amcor Plc15,750Exercise of derivative318,771$0.00