Nicholas Lahanas, Chief Financial Officer

CENT 48,108 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Nicholas Lahanas is at least $1,317,197.04. Nicholas Lahanas owns over 48,108 units of Central Garden & Pet Co. stock worth over $1,317,197.04.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th February 2019CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.1,246Payment by withholding48,108$27.38$34,115.48$1,317,197.04
31st May 2019CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.912.589Discretionary transaction3,818.846$16.44$14,999.96$62,769.23
26th August 2019CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.3,268.883Discretionary transaction7,316.919$15.30$49,999.86$111,917.39
10th February 2020CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.70,175Grant/award etc.118,283$0.00
27th February 2020CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.3,072.528Discretionary transaction10,488.267$16.27$49,999.86$170,677.66
7th March 2020CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.727Payment by withholding117,556$25.62$18,625.74$3,011,784.72
16th May 2020CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.738Payment by withholding116,818$33.03$24,376.14$3,858,498.54
27th August 2020CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.2,392Payment by withholding118,926$37.51$89,723.92$4,460,914.26
27th August 2020CENT - Central Garden & Pet Co.4,500Exercise of derivative121,318$10.63$47,835.00$1,289,610.34