Chris Mc Kee, General Counsel and EVP

GTT 473,007 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Chris Mc Kee is at least $12,336,022.56. Chris Mc Kee owns over 473,007 units of GTT Communications, Inc. stock worth over $12,336,022.56.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
9th January 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.433Payment by withholding473,007$26.08$11,292.64$12,336,022.56
1st February 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.4,401Open or private sale468,606$26.32$115,830.36$12,333,288.17
19th February 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.515Open or private sale469,031$29.49$15,187.35$13,831,724.19
21st February 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.667Open or private sale468,364$31.06$20,717.02$14,547,385.84
25th February 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.1,720Open or private sale466,644$32.43$55,779.60$15,133,264.92
26th February 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.21,810Grant/award etc.488,454$0.00
6th March 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.3,584Open or private sale34,136$32.11$115,082.24$1,096,106.96
6th March 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.1,620Exercise of derivative488,454$29.84$48,340.80$14,575,467.36
10th April 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.371Open or private sale488,921$39.30$14,580.30$19,214,595.30
3rd May 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.2,642Open or private sale486,279$41.54$109,748.68$20,200,029.66
20th May 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.811Exercise of derivative485,499$25.75$20,883.25$12,501,599.25
20th May 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.780Open or private sale485,499$25.43$19,835.40$12,346,239.57
22nd May 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.954Open or private sale484,545$26.75$25,519.50$12,961,578.75
28th May 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.638Open or private sale483,907$25.87$16,505.06$12,518,674.09
5th August 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.2,922Open or private sale481,822$11.29$32,989.38$5,439,770.38
12th August 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.12,840Open or private purchase494,662$7.79$99,997.92$3,852,427.66
20th August 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.785Open or private sale493,877$8.23$6,460.55$4,064,607.71
26th August 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.1,025Open or private sale492,852$8.50$8,712.50$4,189,242.00
27th August 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.633Open or private sale492,219$8.63$5,462.79$4,247,849.97
1st November 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.2,818Payment by withholding489,401$8.00$22,544.00$3,915,208.00
16th November 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.755Payment by withholding488,646$5.77$4,356.35$2,819,487.42
20th November 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.990Payment by withholding487,656$5.69$5,633.10$2,774,762.64
23rd November 2019GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.635Payment by withholding487,021$5.57$3,536.95$2,712,706.97
1st February 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.2,212Payment by withholding486,486$11.85$26,212.20$5,764,859.10
16th February 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.508Payment by withholding485,978$12.72$6,461.76$6,181,640.16
20th February 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.641Payment by withholding485,337$14.08$9,025.28$6,833,544.96
23rd February 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.411Payment by withholding484,926$14.90$6,123.90$7,225,397.40
26th February 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.1,641Payment by withholding483,285$14.98$24,582.18$7,239,609.30
6th March 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.18,000Grant/award etc.501,285$0.00
6th March 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.27,000Grant/award etc.573,285$0.00
6th March 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.45,000Grant/award etc.546,285$0.00
1st May 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.940Payment by withholding572,345$10.50$9,870.00$6,009,622.50
20th May 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.661Payment by withholding571,684$9.20$6,081.20$5,259,492.80
23rd May 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.424Payment by withholding571,260$9.03$3,828.72$5,158,477.80
26th May 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.410Payment by withholding570,850$8.97$3,677.70$5,120,524.50
20th August 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.661Payment by withholding570,189$4.43$2,928.23$2,525,937.27
23rd August 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.424Payment by withholding569,765$4.30$1,823.20$2,449,989.50
26th August 2020GTT - GTT Communications, Inc.410Payment by withholding569,355$4.90$2,009.00$2,789,839.50