Timothy J Heasley, Chief Financial Officer

SYNC 80,955 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Timothy J Heasley is at least $97,146.00. Timothy J Heasley owns over 80,955 units of Synacor, Inc. stock worth over $97,146.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
9th August 2019SYNC - Synacor, Inc.45,955Grant/award etc.75,955$0.00
6th March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.4,632Open or private purchase80,955$1.20$5,558.40$97,146.00
6th March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.368Open or private purchase76,323$1.15$423.20$87,771.45
11th March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.5,000Open or private purchase85,955$1.08$5,400.00$92,831.40
1st March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,803Payment by withholding79,587$1.11$2,001.33$88,341.57
1st January 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.2,762Payment by withholding81,390$1.52$4,198.24$123,712.80
1st September 2019SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,803Payment by withholding84,152$1.46$2,632.38$122,861.92
28th July 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.51,867Grant/award etc.131,454$1.21$62,499.74$158,402.07
4th August 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.25,000Grant/award etc.156,454$1.20$30,000.00$187,744.80
14th August 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.2,762Payment by withholding153,692$1.14$3,148.68$175,208.88
1st September 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,803Payment by withholding151,889$1.10$1,983.30$167,077.90