Steven L Fasman, SVP & General Counsel

CTLT 75,921 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Steven L Fasman is at least $7,161,627.93. Steven L Fasman owns over 75,921 units of Catalent, Inc. stock worth over $7,161,627.93.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.500Open or private sale75,921$94.33$47,165.00$7,161,627.93
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.568Open or private sale76,421$92.28$52,415.04$7,052,129.88
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.353Open or private sale76,989$92.95$32,811.35$7,156,127.55
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.100Open or private sale77,342$94.89$9,489.00$7,338,982.38
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.1,400Open or private sale77,442$94.29$132,006.00$7,302,006.18
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.100Open or private sale78,842$92.88$9,288.00$7,322,844.96
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,489Open or private sale78,942$92.31$229,759.59$7,287,136.02
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,317Payment by withholding81,431$93.24$216,037.08$7,592,626.44
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.3,486Exercise of derivative83,748$31.96$111,412.56$2,676,586.08
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.7,198Payment by withholding80,262$93.06$669,845.88$7,469,181.72
14th October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.11,539Exercise of derivative87,460$24.44$282,013.16$2,137,522.40
28th January 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.5,199Payment by withholding44,475$36.49$189,711.51$1,622,892.75
11th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.4,053Open or private sale48,528$54.04$219,024.12$2,622,453.12
11th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.8,124Payment by withholding52,581$54.01$438,777.24$2,839,899.81
11th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.11,538Exercise of derivative60,705$24.44$281,988.72$1,483,630.20
11th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.7,637Payment by withholding49,167$54.01$412,474.37$2,655,509.67
11th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.10,455Exercise of derivative56,804$31.96$334,141.80$1,815,455.84
11th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.3,279Payment by withholding46,349$54.01$177,098.79$2,503,309.49
11th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.5,153Exercise of derivative49,628$24.26$125,011.78$1,203,975.28
22nd July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.4,551Grant/award etc.55,537$0.00
22nd July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,458Grant/award etc.50,986$0.00
26th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,205Payment by withholding53,332$57.26$126,258.30$3,053,790.32
22nd August 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.8,921Payment by withholding62,628$55.24$492,796.04$3,459,570.72
22nd August 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.18,217Grant/award etc.71,549$0.00
9th April 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.386Grant/award etc.63,206$56.46$21,793.56$3,568,610.76
24th July 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.1,227Payment by withholding62,039$81.64$100,172.28$5,064,863.96
30th July 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.4,428Grant/award etc.66,467$0.00
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.288Payment by withholding75,883$87.71$25,260.48$6,655,697.93
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.587Grant/award etc.76,171$0.00
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.6,388Payment by withholding75,584$87.71$560,291.48$6,629,472.64
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.15,505Grant/award etc.81,972$0.00