Amy Fliegelman Olli, Sr. VP, GC & Secretary

VMW 36,055 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Amy Fliegelman Olli is at least $6,425,001.00. Amy Fliegelman Olli owns over 36,055 units of VMware, Inc. stock worth over $6,425,001.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st March 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.951Payment by withholding36,055$178.20$169,468.20$6,425,001.00
14th March 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.1,723Open or private sale34,332$178.98$308,382.54$6,144,741.36
1st April 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.2,417Payment by withholding31,915$184.29$445,428.93$5,881,615.35
22nd April 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.100Open or private sale29,458$189.32$18,932.00$5,576,988.56
22nd April 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.1,400Open or private sale29,558$188.69$264,166.00$5,577,299.02
22nd April 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.957Open or private sale30,958$187.58$179,514.06$5,807,101.64
25th April 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.13,287Grant/award etc.42,745$0.00
1st September 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.1,326Payment by withholding41,481$141.44$187,549.44$5,867,072.64
10th September 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.2,753Open or private sale38,728$150.00$412,950.00$5,809,200.00
2nd October 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.1,228Open or private sale36,291$151.62$186,189.36$5,502,441.42
1st October 2019VMW - VMware, Inc.1,209Payment by withholding37,519$153.80$185,944.20$5,770,422.20
1st March 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.966Payment by withholding35,398$120.52$116,422.32$4,266,166.96
16th March 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.57,804Grant/award etc.93,202$0.00
1st April 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.30,644Payment by withholding62,558$116.00$3,554,704.00$7,256,728.00
9th April 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.7,128Open or private sale27,932$132.00$940,896.00$3,687,024.00
8th April 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.27,498Open or private sale35,060$130.00$3,574,740.00$4,557,800.00
29th May 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.18,741Grant/award etc.46,673$0.00
2nd September 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.1,348Open or private sale44,072$142.30$191,820.40$6,271,445.60
1st September 2020VMW - VMware, Inc.1,326Payment by withholding45,420$141.28$187,337.28$6,416,937.60