Kristian Robert Salovaara, VP, Business Development

CR 18,951 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kristian Robert Salovaara is at least $1,499,782.14. Kristian Robert Salovaara owns over 18,951 units of Crane Co. stock worth over $1,499,782.14.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
26th January 2019CR - Crane Co.127Payment by withholding18,951$79.14$10,050.78$1,499,782.14
26th January 2019CR - Crane Co.321Exercise of derivative19,078$0.00
25th January 2019CR - Crane Co.169Payment by withholding18,757$79.37$13,413.53$1,488,743.09
25th January 2019CR - Crane Co.430Exercise of derivative18,926$0.00
28th January 2019CR - Crane Co.3,332Payment by withholding25,357$79.14$263,694.48$2,006,752.98
28th January 2019CR - Crane Co.9,738Exercise of derivative28,689$0.00
30th January 2019CR - Crane Co.87Payment by withholding25,656$83.12$7,231.44$2,132,526.72
30th January 2019CR - Crane Co.254Exercise of derivative25,743$0.00
29th January 2019CR - Crane Co.68Payment by withholding25,489$82.82$5,631.76$2,110,998.98
29th January 2019CR - Crane Co.200Exercise of derivative25,557$0.00
27th January 2020CR - Crane Co.691Payment by withholding27,142$83.58$57,753.78$2,268,528.36
27th January 2020CR - Crane Co.1,916Exercise of derivative27,833$0.00
25th January 2020CR - Crane Co.170Payment by withholding25,917$85.52$14,538.40$2,216,421.84
25th January 2020CR - Crane Co.431Exercise of derivative26,087$0.00
29th January 2020CR - Crane Co.69Payment by withholding27,430$86.54$5,971.26$2,373,792.20
29th January 2020CR - Crane Co.201Exercise of derivative27,499$0.00
28th January 2020CR - Crane Co.81Payment by withholding27,298$85.39$6,916.59$2,330,976.22
28th January 2020CR - Crane Co.237Exercise of derivative27,379$0.00
30th January 2020CR - Crane Co.87Payment by withholding27,597$86.97$7,566.39$2,400,111.09
30th January 2020CR - Crane Co.254Exercise of derivative27,684$0.00
26th August 2020CR - Crane Co.17Grant/award etc.456$0.00
26th August 2020CR - Crane Co.22,575Open or private sale31,862$57.81$1,305,011.09$1,841,872.12
26th August 2020CR - Crane Co.26,840Exercise of derivative54,437$43.57$1,169,418.80$2,371,820.09