Stacey M Stevens, President

ICAD 151,788 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Stacey M Stevens is at least $1,973,244.00. Stacey M Stevens owns over 151,788 units of iCAD, Inc. stock worth over $1,973,244.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
10th December 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.20,000Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan151,788$13.00$260,000.00$1,973,244.00
4th December 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.18,665Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan171,788$11.28$210,481.47$1,937,218.92
4th December 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.18,665Exercise of derivative190,453$6.68$124,682.20$1,272,226.04
3rd December 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.1,100Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan171,788$11.07$12,180.96$1,902,311.60
3rd December 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative172,888$6.68$7,348.00$1,154,891.84
8th October 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.15,873Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan171,788$10.00$158,730.00$1,717,880.00
8th October 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.15,873Exercise of derivative187,661$2.27$36,031.71$425,990.47
18th October 2019ICAD - iCAD, Inc.12,025Payment by withholding177,714$7.32$88,023.00$1,300,866.48
21st February 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.166Conversion of derivative182,880$12.08$2,005.28$2,209,190.40
21st February 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.5,000Conversion of derivative182,714$4.00$20,000.00$730,856.00
20th March 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.101Conversion of derivative182,981$7.51$758.51$1,374,187.31
31st May 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.11,193Payment by withholding171,788$11.74$131,405.82$2,016,791.12
15th July 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.10,000Open or private sale171,788$10.25$102,490.00$1,760,655.21
15th July 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative181,788$5.10$51,000.00$927,118.80
5th August 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.6,667Open or private sale171,788$10.07$67,146.69$1,730,162.84
5th August 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.6,667Exercise of derivative178,455$2.90$19,334.30$517,519.50
1st September 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.24,127Open or private sale171,788$10.25$247,407.91$1,761,582.87
1st September 2020ICAD - iCAD, Inc.24,127Exercise of derivative195,915$2.27$54,768.29$444,727.05