Steven Robert Pacelli, EVP Strategy and Corporate Dev

DXCM 61,939 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Steven Robert Pacelli is at least $25,271,112.00. Steven Robert Pacelli owns over 61,939 units of DexCom, Inc. stock worth over $25,271,112.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.83Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan61,939$408.00$33,864.00$25,271,112.00
23rd October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.195Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan62,022$407.02$79,369.47$25,244,374.30
23rd October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.173Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan62,217$405.99$70,236.81$25,259,672.70
23rd October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.170Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan62,390$404.91$68,833.88$25,262,035.43
23rd October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.70Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan62,560$402.61$28,182.70$25,187,281.60
23rd October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.149Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan62,630$399.62$59,542.71$25,027,918.77
23rd October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.239Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan62,779$397.49$95,000.13$24,954,030.99
1st October 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.200Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan63,018$420.00$84,000.00$26,467,560.00
30th September 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.100Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan63,218$411.10$41,110.00$25,988,919.80
30th September 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,900Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan63,318$410.28$779,527.44$25,977,957.08
25th September 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.2,000Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan65,218$400.07$800,137.00$26,091,667.43
23rd September 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,079Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan67,218$395.11$426,323.69$26,558,503.98
23rd January 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.3,114Open or private sale101,404$149.74$466,302.50$15,184,630.44
22nd February 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.333Open or private sale99,737$153.80$51,216.30$15,339,819.89
22nd February 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.147Open or private sale100,070$151.78$22,311.66$15,188,624.60
22nd February 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.154Open or private sale100,217$144.06$22,185.96$14,437,732.04
22nd February 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.93Open or private sale100,371$142.64$13,265.52$14,316,919.44
22nd February 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.115Open or private sale100,464$141.47$16,268.48$14,212,139.76
22nd February 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.825Open or private sale100,579$140.50$115,909.45$14,130,977.36
8th March 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.14,987Grant/award etc.114,724$0.00$14.99$114.72
12th March 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.350Bona fide gift103,563$0.00
12th March 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.2,222Open or private sale103,913$142.79$317,284.27$14,837,965.88
12th March 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.6,399Open or private sale106,135$142.79$913,727.29$15,155,250.15
12th March 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.2,190Open or private sale112,534$142.79$312,714.92$16,068,977.43
22nd March 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,227Open or private sale99,967$140.56$172,467.12$14,051,361.52
22nd March 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.2,369Open or private sale101,194$139.77$331,103.76$14,143,399.65
23rd April 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,300Open or private sale96,371$117.21$152,375.99$11,295,866.56
23rd April 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.2,296Open or private sale97,671$116.27$266,952.94$11,356,080.20
23rd May 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.800Open or private sale92,774$117.70$94,160.00$10,919,499.80
23rd May 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,285Open or private sale93,574$116.93$150,256.59$10,941,720.11
23rd May 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,512Open or private sale94,859$116.01$175,399.86$11,004,137.27
24th June 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.400Open or private sale89,658$151.69$60,676.52$13,600,338.58
24th June 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,000Open or private sale90,058$150.20$150,204.00$13,527,071.83
24th June 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,716Open or private sale91,058$148.85$255,423.34$13,553,810.29
9th September 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.5,525Open or private sale83,815$150.11$829,363.83$12,581,561.85
9th September 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.318Open or private sale89,340$145.46$46,255.90$12,995,289.19
23rd September 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.532Open or private sale82,283$156.15$83,070.58$12,848,301.20
23rd September 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,000Open or private sale82,815$155.11$155,110.00$12,845,434.65
23rd October 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.210Open or private sale80,751$153.34$32,202.24$12,382,681.34
23rd October 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.681Open or private sale80,961$152.71$103,996.53$12,363,675.75
23rd October 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.641Open or private sale81,642$151.69$97,236.37$12,384,666.86
22nd November 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.232Open or private sale79,219$218.52$50,696.06$17,310,737.83
22nd November 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,300Open or private sale79,451$217.39$282,604.01$17,271,670.15
23rd December 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.200Open or private sale77,687$213.65$42,730.00$16,597,827.55
23rd December 2019DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,332Open or private sale77,887$213.10$283,846.14$16,597,540.56
23rd January 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.500Open or private sale76,155$236.03$118,012.55$17,974,491.49
23rd January 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.300Open or private sale76,655$234.26$70,278.99$17,957,453.26
23rd January 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.732Open or private sale76,955$233.17$170,679.93$17,943,543.48
24th February 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.138Open or private sale74,624$283.06$39,062.74$21,123,315.70
24th February 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.483Open or private sale74,762$278.32$134,428.27$20,807,714.98
24th February 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.540Open or private sale75,245$277.41$149,799.24$20,873,414.47
24th February 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.370Open or private sale75,785$275.76$102,032.94$20,898,827.79
5th March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.8,927Exercise of derivative83,551$9.80$87,484.60$818,799.80
8th March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.8,811Grant/award etc.92,362$0.00$8.81$92.36
11th March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.7,733Open or private sale84,313$265.43$2,052,539.26$22,378,862.34
11th March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.313Open or private sale92,046$250.02$78,256.26$23,013,340.92
11th March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.3Open or private sale92,359$246.25$738.76$22,743,745.48
23rd March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,300Open or private sale80,532$209.55$272,415.00$16,875,480.60
23rd March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.75Open or private sale81,832$208.02$15,601.50$17,022,692.64
23rd March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.156Open or private sale81,907$207.17$32,318.69$16,968,763.29
13th March 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.2,250Bona fide gift82,063$0.00
23rd April 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,531Open or private sale79,001$318.57$487,730.67$25,167,348.57
22nd May 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,531Open or private sale77,470$396.74$607,408.94$30,735,447.80
23rd June 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.111Open or private sale75,939$411.96$45,727.56$31,283,830.44
23rd June 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.657Open or private sale76,050$410.26$269,541.87$31,200,394.68
23rd June 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.444Open or private sale76,707$408.99$181,590.01$31,372,127.46
23rd June 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.319Open or private sale77,151$407.18$129,890.26$31,414,305.60
23rd July 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.583Open or private sale74,408$429.54$250,420.60$31,961,056.06
23rd July 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.211Open or private sale74,991$428.10$90,328.47$32,103,422.13
23rd July 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.437Open or private sale75,202$427.21$186,691.43$32,127,159.22
23rd July 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.100Open or private sale75,639$424.50$42,450.00$32,108,755.50
23rd July 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.200Open or private sale75,739$421.62$84,323.00$31,932,698.49
24th August 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,531Open or private sale72,877$427.24$654,107.20$31,136,100.66
9th September 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.1,283Open or private sale68,297$398.30$511,021.47$27,202,831.69
9th September 2020DXCM - DexCom, Inc.3,297Open or private sale69,580$398.30$1,313,201.69$27,713,853.16