Derica W Rice

DIS 3,661.3 shares
CVS 12,441.959 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Derica W Rice is at least $1,111,591.10. Derica W Rice owns over 3,661.3 units of The Walt Disney Co. stock worth over $460,005.73.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020DIS - The Walt Disney Co.483.5Grant/award etc.3,661.3$125.64$60,746.94$460,005.73
31st May 2019CVS - CVS Health Corporation3,576Payment by withholding12,441.959$52.37$187,275.12$651,585.37
31st March 2019DIS - The Walt Disney Co.199Grant/award etc.199$110.16$21,921.84$21,921.84
30th June 2019DIS - The Walt Disney Co.561.7Grant/award etc.760.7$140.20$78,750.34$106,650.14
30th September 2019DIS - The Walt Disney Co.597.5Grant/award etc.1,358.2$132.92$79,419.70$180,531.94
28th February 2020CVS - CVS Health Corporation8,079Payment by withholding26,827.398$59.18$478,115.22$1,587,645.44
28th February 2020CVS - CVS Health Corporation21,943Grant/award etc.34,906.398$59.18$1,298,586.74$2,065,760.66
31st December 2019DIS - The Walt Disney Co.539.9Grant/award etc.1,898.1$145.84$78,739.02$276,818.90
31st March 2020DIS - The Walt Disney Co.850Grant/award etc.2,748.1$94.60$80,410.00$259,970.26
31st August 2020TGT - Target Corp.927Grant/award etc.927$0.00
30th June 2020DIS - The Walt Disney Co.429.7Grant/award etc.3,177.8$113.75$48,878.38$361,474.75