PBYI 4,302,493 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alan H Auerbach is at least $50,149,858.41. Alan H Auerbach owns over 4,302,493 units of Puma Biotechnology, Inc. stock worth over $50,149,858.41.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th February 2021PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.149,951Grant/award etc.4,432,987$0.00
2nd December 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.355Open or private sale4,302,493$11.66$4,137.88$50,149,858.41
2nd October 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.350Open or private sale4,303,219$10.13$3,544.80$43,583,002.03
3rd January 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.4,424Open or private sale4,174,637$20.67$91,444.08$86,289,746.79
22nd January 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.8,825Open or private sale4,165,812$24.74$218,334.03$103,063,855.20
4th February 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.345Open or private sale4,165,467$27.80$9,591.00$115,799,982.60
6th February 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.39,215Grant/award etc.4,204,682$0.00
4th March 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.496Open or private sale4,204,186$38.62$19,155.52$162,365,663.32
2nd April 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.491Open or private sale4,203,695$35.79$17,573.09$150,451,925.53
2nd May 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.477Open or private sale4,203,218$32.38$15,445.31$136,100,619.16
3rd June 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.483Open or private sale4,202,735$15.18$7,331.94$63,797,517.30
2nd July 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.495Open or private sale4,202,240$12.78$6,326.10$53,704,627.20
22nd July 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.12,715Open or private sale4,189,525$9.98$126,846.11$41,795,120.35
2nd August 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.1Open or private sale4,189,008$9.01$9.01$37,742,962.08
2nd August 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.516Open or private sale4,189,009$9.03$4,659.48$37,826,751.27
4th September 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.524Open or private sale4,188,484$10.14$5,313.36$42,471,227.76
2nd October 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.504Open or private sale4,187,980$9.97$5,027.15$41,773,006.51
4th November 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.100Open or private sale4,187,502$7.40$740.01$30,987,933.55
4th November 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.378Open or private sale4,187,602$7.40$2,797.20$30,988,254.80
2nd December 2019PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.455Open or private sale4,187,047$10.33$4,699.65$43,247,589.76
2nd January 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.5,973Open or private sale4,181,031$8.39$50,113.47$35,078,850.09
2nd January 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.43Open or private sale4,187,004$8.32$357.76$34,836,291.98
3rd February 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.331Open or private sale4,180,700$8.01$2,652.80$33,506,220.15
11th February 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.127,553Grant/award etc.4,308,253$0.00
2nd March 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.372Open or private sale4,307,881$10.02$3,725.62$43,143,859.00
2nd April 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.347Open or private sale4,307,534$7.39$2,562.60$31,811,138.59
4th May 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.339Open or private sale4,307,195$9.70$3,288.71$41,784,960.13
2nd June 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.242Open or private sale4,306,853$10.71$2,591.82$46,126,395.63
2nd June 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.100Open or private sale4,307,095$10.70$1,070.10$46,090,223.60
2nd July 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.2,607Open or private sale4,304,246$10.66$27,802.61$45,903,061.89
3rd August 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.330Open or private sale4,303,916$10.79$3,560.70$46,439,253.64
2nd September 2020PBYI - Puma Biotechnology, Inc.347Open or private sale4,303,569$9.78$3,393.35$42,085,031.61