Gary W Glessner

UBCP 58,777 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Gary W Glessner is at least $724,132.64. Gary W Glessner owns over 58,777 units of United Bancorp, Inc. stock worth over $724,132.64.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th November 2020UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.3,193Open or private purchase58,777$12.32$39,337.76$724,132.64
14th February 2019UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.100Open or private purchase17,465$10.95$1,095.00$191,241.75
19th February 2019UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.337Open or private purchase37,802$11.15$3,757.55$421,492.30
20th February 2019UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.388Open or private purchase38,190$11.15$4,326.20$425,818.50
22nd February 2019UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.200Open or private purchase38,390$11.30$2,260.00$433,807.00
25th February 2019UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.3,974Open or private purchase42,364$11.30$44,906.20$478,713.20
30th May 2019UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.2,700Open or private purchase50,140$11.50$31,050.00$576,610.00
31st October 2019UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.2,656Open or private purchase52,796$11.93$31,686.08$629,856.28
31st July 2020UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.950Open or private purchase55,094$10.75$10,212.50$592,260.50
2nd September 2020UBCP - United Bancorp, Inc.490Open or private purchase55,584$11.40$5,586.00$633,657.60