Efstathios A Kouninis, VP of Finance & CAO

PEGA 690 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Efstathios A Kouninis is at least $91,080.00. Efstathios A Kouninis owns over 690 units of Pegasystems, Inc. stock worth over $91,080.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.250Open or private sale690$132.00$33,000.00$91,080.00
17th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.137Open or private sale940$129.00$17,673.00$121,260.00
17th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.176Payment by withholding1,077$129.00$22,704.00$138,933.00
17th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.313Exercise of derivative1,253$27.24$8,526.12$34,131.72
16th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.137Open or private sale940$127.00$17,399.00$119,380.00
16th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.177Payment by withholding1,077$127.00$22,479.00$136,779.00
16th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.314Exercise of derivative1,254$27.24$8,553.36$34,158.96
14th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.42Payment by withholding940$125.23$5,259.66$117,716.20
14th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.93Exercise of derivative982$0.00
9th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.145Payment by withholding889$125.34$18,174.30$111,427.26
9th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.326Exercise of derivative1,034$0.00
7th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.44Payment by withholding708$130.78$5,754.32$92,592.24
7th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.97Exercise of derivative752$0.00
7th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.57Payment by withholding655$130.78$7,454.46$85,660.90
7th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.127Exercise of derivative712$0.00
2nd December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.76Payment by withholding585$129.97$9,877.72$76,032.45
2nd December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.170Exercise of derivative661$0.00
23rd November 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.442Open or private sale491$131.00$57,902.00$64,321.00
23rd November 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.514Payment by withholding933$131.00$67,334.00$122,223.00
23rd November 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.956Exercise of derivative1,447$25.20$24,091.20$36,464.40
25th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.88Open or private sale684$65.50$5,764.00$44,802.00
25th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.108Payment by withholding772$65.50$7,074.00$50,566.00
25th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.196Exercise of derivative880$20.05$3,929.80$17,644.00
25th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.377Open or private sale684$65.50$24,693.50$44,802.00
25th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.466Payment by withholding1,061$65.50$30,523.00$69,495.50
25th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.843Exercise of derivative1,527$20.49$17,273.07$31,288.23
28th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.130Open or private sale684$66.00$8,580.00$45,144.00
28th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.184Payment by withholding814$66.03$12,149.52$53,748.42
28th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.314Exercise of derivative998$27.24$8,553.36$27,185.52
28th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.385Open or private sale684$66.00$25,410.00$45,144.00
28th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.570Payment by withholding1,069$66.03$37,637.10$70,586.07
28th February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.955Exercise of derivative1,639$25.20$24,066.00$41,302.80
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.151Payment by withholding2,017$64.84$9,790.84$130,782.28
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.511Exercise of derivative2,168$0.00
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.259Payment by withholding1,657$64.84$16,793.56$107,439.88
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.890Exercise of derivative1,916$0.00
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.49Payment by withholding1,026$66.32$3,249.68$68,044.32
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.171Exercise of derivative1,075$0.00
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.89Payment by withholding904$66.32$5,902.48$59,953.28
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.309Exercise of derivative993$0.00
7th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.23Payment by withholding2,070$64.35$1,480.05$133,204.50
7th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.76Exercise of derivative2,093$0.00
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.129Open or private sale2,365$65.25$8,417.25$154,316.25
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.185Payment by withholding2,494$65.25$12,071.25$162,733.50
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.314Exercise of derivative2,679$27.24$8,553.36$72,975.96
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.413Open or private sale2,365$65.25$26,948.25$154,316.25
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.543Payment by withholding2,778$65.25$35,430.75$181,264.50
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.956Exercise of derivative3,321$25.20$24,091.20$83,689.20
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.28Payment by withholding2,365$64.92$1,817.76$153,535.80
12th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.93Exercise of derivative2,393$0.00
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.407Open or private sale2,300$64.75$26,353.25$148,925.00
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.437Payment by withholding2,707$64.75$28,295.75$175,278.25
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.844Exercise of derivative3,144$20.49$17,293.56$64,420.56
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.95Open or private sale2,300$64.75$6,151.25$148,925.00
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.101Payment by withholding2,395$64.75$6,539.75$155,076.25
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.196Exercise of derivative2,496$20.05$3,929.80$50,044.80
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.97Payment by withholding2,300$64.01$6,208.97$147,223.00
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.327Exercise of derivative2,397$0.00
13th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.500Open or private sale1,865$65.50$32,750.00$122,157.50
10th May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.500Open or private sale1,365$70.00$35,000.00$95,550.00
24th May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.500Open or private sale0$74.00$37,000.00$0.00
24th May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.365Open or private sale500$73.50$26,827.50$36,750.00
22nd May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.500Open or private sale865$73.00$36,500.00$63,145.00
5th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.38Payment by withholding427$69.91$2,656.58$29,851.57
5th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.128Exercise of derivative465$0.00
3rd June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.51Payment by withholding337$72.14$3,679.14$24,311.18
3rd June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.170Exercise of derivative388$0.00
3rd June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.92Payment by withholding218$72.14$6,636.88$15,726.52
3rd June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.310Exercise of derivative310$0.00
12th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.28Payment by withholding720$70.66$1,978.48$50,875.20
12th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.92Exercise of derivative748$0.00
10th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.97Payment by withholding656$70.63$6,851.11$46,333.28
10th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.326Exercise of derivative753$0.00
14th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.432Open or private sale427$70.25$30,348.00$29,996.75
14th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.524Payment by withholding859$70.25$36,811.00$60,344.75
14th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.956Exercise of derivative1,383$25.20$24,091.20$34,851.60
14th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.421Open or private sale427$70.25$29,575.25$29,996.75
14th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.422Payment by withholding848$70.25$29,645.50$59,572.00
14th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.843Exercise of derivative1,270$20.49$17,273.07$26,022.30
13th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.229Open or private sale427$71.25$16,316.25$30,423.75
13th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.136Open or private sale656$71.25$9,690.00$46,740.00
13th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.177Payment by withholding792$71.25$12,611.25$56,430.00
13th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.313Exercise of derivative969$27.24$8,526.12$26,395.56
13th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.64Open or private sale656$70.75$4,528.00$46,412.00
26th August 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.427Open or private sale0$70.00$29,890.00$0.00
5th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.38Payment by withholding427$70.16$2,666.08$29,958.32
5th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.128Exercise of derivative465$0.00
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.51Payment by withholding337$70.15$3,577.65$23,640.55
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.171Exercise of derivative388$0.00
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.92Payment by withholding217$70.15$6,453.80$15,222.55
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.309Exercise of derivative309$0.00
9th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.97Payment by withholding656$71.58$6,943.26$46,956.48
9th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.326Exercise of derivative753$0.00
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.138Open or private sale721$73.00$10,074.00$52,633.00
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.176Payment by withholding859$73.00$12,848.00$62,707.00
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.314Exercise of derivative1,035$27.24$8,553.36$28,193.40
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.426Open or private sale721$72.25$30,778.50$52,092.25
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.418Payment by withholding1,147$70.25$29,364.50$80,576.75
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.844Exercise of derivative1,565$20.49$17,293.56$32,066.85
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.28Payment by withholding721$71.23$1,994.44$51,356.83
12th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.93Exercise of derivative749$0.00
11th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.435Open or private sale656$71.00$30,885.00$46,576.00
11th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.521Payment by withholding1,091$71.11$37,048.31$77,581.01
11th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.956Exercise of derivative1,612$25.20$24,091.20$40,622.40
16th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.240Open or private sale481$71.75$17,220.00$34,511.75
14th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.41Payment by withholding491$119.66$4,906.06$58,753.06
14th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.92Exercise of derivative532$0.00
11th November 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.150Open or private sale331$72.05$10,807.50$23,848.55
13th November 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.331Open or private sale0$74.00$24,494.00$0.00
2nd December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.51Payment by withholding337$77.62$3,958.62$26,157.94
2nd December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.170Exercise of derivative388$0.00
2nd December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.92Payment by withholding218$77.62$7,141.04$16,921.16
2nd December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.310Exercise of derivative310$0.00
9th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.97Payment by withholding320$76.98$7,467.06$24,633.60
9th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.327Exercise of derivative417$0.00
6th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.438Open or private sale90$78.00$34,164.00$7,020.00
6th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.405Payment by withholding528$78.00$31,590.00$41,184.00
6th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.843Exercise of derivative933$20.49$17,273.07$19,117.17
5th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.337Open or private sale90$77.00$25,949.00$6,930.00
5th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.38Payment by withholding427$75.31$2,861.78$32,157.37
5th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.128Exercise of derivative465$0.00
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.454Open or private sale0$77.25$35,071.50$0.00
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.502Payment by withholding454$77.25$38,779.50$35,071.50
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.956Exercise of derivative956$25.20$24,091.20$24,091.20
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.65Open or private sale0$77.00$5,005.00$0.00
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.320Open or private sale65$76.50$24,480.00$4,972.50
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.142Open or private sale385$76.50$10,863.00$29,452.50
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.172Payment by withholding527$76.50$13,158.00$40,315.50
16th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.314Exercise of derivative699$27.24$8,553.36$19,040.76
12th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.28Payment by withholding385$75.45$2,112.60$29,048.25
12th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.93Exercise of derivative413$0.00
2nd March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.60Payment by withholding313$90.50$5,430.00$28,326.50
2nd March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.171Exercise of derivative373$0.00
2nd March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.108Payment by withholding202$90.50$9,774.00$18,281.00
2nd March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.310Exercise of derivative310$0.00
5th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.45Payment by withholding396$91.86$4,133.70$36,376.56
5th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.128Exercise of derivative441$0.00
9th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.96Payment by withholding1,499$84.48$8,110.08$126,635.52
9th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.326Exercise of derivative1,595$0.00
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.114Payment by withholding1,269$87.64$9,990.96$111,215.16
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.390Exercise of derivative1,383$0.00
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.259Payment by withholding993$87.64$22,698.76$87,026.52
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.856Exercise of derivative1,252$0.00
12th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.28Payment by withholding1,564$79.56$2,227.68$124,431.84
12th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.93Exercise of derivative1,592$0.00
6th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.456Open or private sale1,564$87.50$39,900.00$136,850.00
6th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.388Payment by withholding2,020$87.50$33,950.00$176,750.00
6th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.844Exercise of derivative2,408$20.49$17,293.56$49,339.92
6th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.151Open or private sale1,564$86.00$12,986.00$134,504.00
6th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.162Payment by withholding1,715$86.00$13,932.00$147,490.00
6th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.313Exercise of derivative1,877$27.24$8,526.12$51,129.48
11th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.490Open or private sale1,564$92.00$45,080.00$143,888.00
11th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.466Payment by withholding2,054$92.00$42,872.00$188,968.00
11th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.956Exercise of derivative2,520$25.20$24,091.20$63,504.00
26th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.500Open or private sale1,064$93.24$46,620.00$99,207.36
3rd June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.500Open or private sale684$98.00$49,000.00$67,032.00
2nd June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.50Payment by withholding1,184$96.19$4,809.50$113,888.96
2nd June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.170Exercise of derivative1,234$0.00
9th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.96Payment by withholding953$98.84$9,488.64$94,194.52
9th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.326Exercise of derivative1,049$0.00
8th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.29Payment by withholding723$98.51$2,856.79$71,222.73
8th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.98Exercise of derivative752$0.00
5th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.120Open or private sale654$100.00$12,000.00$65,400.00
5th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.38Payment by withholding774$99.20$3,769.60$76,780.80
5th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.128Exercise of derivative812$0.00
12th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.28Payment by withholding1,018$91.36$2,558.08$93,004.48
12th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.93Exercise of derivative1,046$0.00
16th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.389Open or private sale564$98.00$38,122.00$55,272.00
16th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.159Open or private sale953$96.56$15,353.04$92,021.68
16th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.155Payment by withholding1,112$96.70$14,988.50$107,530.40
16th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.314Exercise of derivative1,267$27.24$8,553.36$34,513.08
16th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.65Open or private sale953$96.41$6,266.65$91,878.73
3rd August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.441Open or private sale282$118.00$52,038.00$33,276.00
3rd August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.559Payment by withholding723$118.00$65,962.00$85,314.00
3rd August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative1,282$44.30$44,300.00$56,792.60
30th July 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.282Open or private sale282$115.10$32,458.20$32,458.20
30th July 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.527Open or private sale564$115.00$60,605.00$64,860.00
30th July 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.429Payment by withholding1,091$115.00$49,335.00$125,465.00
30th July 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.956Exercise of derivative1,520$25.20$24,091.20$38,304.00
17th August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.442Open or private sale2$118.50$52,377.00$237.00
17th August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.558Payment by withholding444$118.50$66,123.00$52,614.00
17th August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative1,002$44.30$44,300.00$44,388.60
13th August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.280Open or private sale2$118.00$33,040.00$236.00
25th August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.453Open or private sale2$123.50$55,945.50$247.00
25th August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.547Payment by withholding455$123.50$67,554.50$56,192.50
25th August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative1,002$44.30$44,300.00$44,388.60
2nd September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.51Payment by withholding122$132.72$6,768.72$16,191.84
2nd September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.171Exercise of derivative173$0.00
1st September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.467Open or private sale2$131.00$61,177.00$262.00
1st September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.533Payment by withholding469$131.00$69,823.00$61,439.00
1st September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative1,002$44.30$44,300.00$44,388.60
9th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.146Payment by withholding440$120.01$17,521.46$52,804.40
9th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.327Exercise of derivative586$0.00
8th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.44Payment by withholding259$124.26$5,467.44$32,183.34
8th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.98Exercise of derivative303$0.00
8th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.45Payment by withholding205$124.26$5,591.70$25,473.30
8th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.128Exercise of derivative250$0.00