Jerry Matthews Jr Simmons, Controller, Principal Actg Off

BG 10,025 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jerry Matthews Jr Simmons is at least $531,675.88. Jerry Matthews Jr Simmons owns over 10,025 units of Bunge Ltd. stock worth over $531,675.88.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th February 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.252Payment by withholding10,025$53.04$13,364.82$531,675.88
1st March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.527Payment by withholding9,239$52.89$27,873.03$488,650.71
1st March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.259Payment by withholding9,766$52.89$13,698.51$516,523.74
4th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.75Grant/award etc.9,302$52.85$3,963.75$491,610.70
4th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.12Payment by withholding9,227$52.85$634.20$487,646.95
12th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.3,600Grant/award etc.12,902$0.00
3rd June 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.102Grant/award etc.13,004$53.28$5,434.56$692,853.12
3rd September 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.105Grant/award etc.13,109$53.08$5,573.40$695,825.72
19th November 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.1,786Open or private sale11,323$54.65$97,604.90$618,801.95
2nd December 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.105Grant/award etc.11,428$53.61$5,629.05$612,655.08
7th December 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.1,485Payment by withholding9,943$54.04$80,249.40$537,319.72
28th February 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.262Payment by withholding9,681$46.60$12,208.54$451,110.40
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.3Payment by withholding9,750$48.13$144.38$469,243.13
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.72Grant/award etc.9,753$48.13$3,465.00$469,363.13
8th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.484Payment by withholding9,266$46.71$22,607.64$432,814.86
10th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.5,500Grant/award etc.14,766$0.00
12th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.500Open or private purchase15,266$36.43$18,215.00$556,140.38
12th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.319Payment by withholding14,947$36.32$11,586.08$542,875.04
1st June 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.121Grant/award etc.15,068$39.25$4,748.91$591,376.81
1st September 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.106Grant/award etc.15,211$45.55$4,827.77$692,785.00