Vincent D Jr Mattera, Chief Executive Officer

IIVI 258,165 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Vincent D Jr Mattera is at least $10,351,280.57. Vincent D Jr Mattera owns over 258,165 units of II-VI, Inc. stock worth over $10,351,280.57.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
3rd April 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.13,827Open or private sale258,165$40.10$554,401.86$10,351,280.57
3rd April 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.13,827Exercise of derivative271,992$12.08$166,961.03$3,284,303.40
8th April 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.1,973Open or private sale258,165$40.00$78,920.00$10,326,600.00
8th April 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.1,973Exercise of derivative260,138$12.08$23,823.98$3,141,166.35
18th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.3,155Payment by withholding255,010$38.26$120,710.30$9,756,682.60
20th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.93,948Payment by withholding390,326$39.24$3,686,519.52$15,316,392.24
20th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.229,264Grant/award etc.484,274$0.00
28th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.2,843Payment by withholding387,483$36.28$103,144.04$14,057,883.24
28th January 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.39,168Grant/award etc.426,651$0.00
31st January 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.29,000Open or private sale426,651$33.65$975,939.90$14,358,128.77
31st January 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.29,000Exercise of derivative455,651$13.17$381,785.00$5,998,645.42
29th April 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.18,100Open or private sale426,651$35.00$633,500.00$14,932,785.00
29th April 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.18,100Exercise of derivative444,751$16.86$305,075.50$7,496,278.11
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.28,391Payment by withholding463,143$46.21$1,311,948.11$21,401,838.03
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.64,128Grant/award etc.491,534$0.00
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.2,843Payment by withholding532,050$42.28$120,202.04$22,495,074.00
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.71,750Grant/award etc.534,893$0.00