Colin M Angle, Chief Executive Officer

IRBT 418,048 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Colin M Angle is at least $34,564,208.64. Colin M Angle owns over 418,048 units of iRobot Corp. stock worth over $34,564,208.64.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd January 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.100Open or private sale418,048$82.68$8,268.00$34,564,208.64
2nd January 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.4,100Open or private sale418,148$81.98$336,126.61$34,280,651.15
2nd January 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.13,108Open or private sale422,248$81.19$1,064,276.53$34,283,539.64
2nd January 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.4,400Open or private sale435,356$80.21$352,910.80$34,918,598.69
2nd January 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.3,031Open or private sale439,756$78.68$238,484.23$34,600,749.67
7th January 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.11,765Open or private sale406,283$85.00$1,000,025.00$34,534,055.00
26th February 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.24,867Grant/award etc.431,150$0.00
6th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.4,241Payment by withholding426,909$124.74$529,022.34$53,252,628.66
11th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.900Open or private sale409,536$123.11$110,801.97$50,419,328.43
11th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.13,472Open or private sale410,436$122.76$1,653,838.89$50,385,615.88
11th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.1,900Open or private sale423,908$121.67$231,171.67$51,576,589.62
11th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.16,564Payment by withholding425,808$122.97$2,036,875.08$52,361,609.76
10th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.4,021Payment by withholding442,372$122.97$494,462.37$54,398,484.84
9th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.3,236Payment by withholding446,393$122.97$397,930.92$54,892,947.21
8th March 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.22,720Grant/award etc.449,629$0.00
3rd June 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.4,318Open or private sale398,102$87.48$377,757.21$34,827,674.80
3rd June 2019IRBT - iRobot Corp.7,168Open or private sale402,368$86.82$622,302.82$34,932,302.18
26th February 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.27,893Grant/award etc.426,099$0.00
3rd March 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.36,175Exercise of derivative462,274$22.86$826,960.50$10,567,583.64
9th March 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.3,232Payment by withholding497,702$39.81$128,665.92$19,813,516.62
8th March 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.2,520Payment by withholding500,934$39.81$100,321.20$19,942,182.54
6th March 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.41,180Grant/award etc.503,454$0.00
11th March 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.5,515Payment by withholding475,799$40.19$221,647.85$19,122,361.81
10th March 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.4,017Payment by withholding481,314$40.42$162,367.14$19,454,711.88
10th March 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.12,371Payment by withholding485,331$40.42$500,035.82$19,617,079.02
18th May 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.29,630Open or private sale446,273$67.50$2,000,025.00$30,123,427.50
9th July 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.3,911Open or private sale412,174$87.54$342,379.50$36,082,824.83
9th July 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.15,870Open or private sale416,085$86.62$1,374,687.97$36,042,031.65
9th July 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.14,318Open or private sale431,955$85.92$1,230,218.31$37,114,048.75
1st September 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.5,620Open or private sale399,056$76.99$432,710.21$30,725,197.00
1st September 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.6,798Open or private sale404,676$75.78$515,164.00$30,667,035.23
1st September 2020IRBT - iRobot Corp.700Open or private sale411,474$74.49$52,143.00$30,650,698.26