Michael J Yates, VP-Chief Accounting Officer

IEX 29,787 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael J Yates is at least $4,106,137.95. Michael J Yates owns over 29,787 units of IDEX Corp. stock worth over $4,106,137.95.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
8th February 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.1,373Payment by withholding29,787$137.85$189,268.05$4,106,137.95
8th February 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.4,588Grant/award etc.31,160$137.85$632,455.80$4,295,406.00
27th February 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.8,200Open or private sale26,590$144.72$1,186,663.00$3,847,971.85
27th February 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.8,200Exercise of derivative34,790$40.89$335,298.00$1,422,563.10
27th February 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.3,197Open or private sale26,590$144.72$462,653.86$3,847,971.85
3rd May 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.3,178Open or private sale26,590$156.97$498,834.77$4,173,699.35
3rd May 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.3,178Exercise of derivative29,768$40.89$129,948.42$1,217,213.52
3rd May 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.12,000Open or private sale26,590$156.97$1,883,580.00$4,173,699.35
3rd May 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.12,000Exercise of derivative38,590$40.89$490,680.00$1,577,945.10
30th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.6,220Open or private sale26,590$168.72$1,049,411.65$4,486,150.46
30th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.6,220Exercise of derivative32,810$50.45$313,799.00$1,655,264.50
30th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.13,410Open or private sale26,590$168.72$2,262,477.54$4,486,150.46
30th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.13,410Exercise of derivative40,000$42.86$574,752.60$1,714,400.00
30th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.9,330Open or private sale26,590$168.72$1,574,117.48$4,486,150.46
30th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.9,330Exercise of derivative35,920$40.89$381,503.70$1,468,768.80
29th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.232Open or private sale26,590$168.75$39,150.00$4,487,062.50
29th July 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.232Exercise of derivative26,822$40.89$9,486.48$1,096,751.58
31st August 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.2,373Payment by withholding24,217$164.71$390,856.83$3,988,782.07
26th November 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.3,149Open or private sale21,068$162.00$510,138.00$3,413,016.00
27th November 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.14,871Open or private sale6,197$162.76$2,420,381.65$1,008,614.42
7th February 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.1,303Payment by withholding24,128$171.19$223,060.57$4,130,472.32
7th February 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.4,363Grant/award etc.25,431$171.19$746,901.97$4,353,532.89
28th August 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.6,197Open or private sale17,931$180.17$1,116,523.41$3,230,656.96
28th August 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.4,565Open or private sale24,128$180.17$822,483.35$4,347,180.36
28th August 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.4,565Exercise of derivative28,693$78.43$358,032.95$2,250,391.99
28th August 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.4,635Open or private sale24,128$180.17$835,095.37$4,347,180.36
28th August 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.4,635Exercise of derivative28,763$72.73$337,103.55$2,091,932.99