James Budge, Chief Financial Officer

PS 197,158 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James Budge is at least $5,854,961.69. James Budge owns over 197,158 units of Pluralsight, Inc. stock worth over $5,854,961.69.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.36,172Grant/award etc.197,158$0.00
20th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.133,091Open or private sale197,158$29.70$3,952,376.81$5,854,961.69
20th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.133,091Exercise of derivative330,249$0.00
19th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.600Open or private sale197,158$30.00$18,000.00$5,914,740.00
19th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.199,400Open or private sale197,758$29.27$5,835,919.56$5,787,862.49
19th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.200,000Exercise of derivative397,158$0.00
22nd February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.6,206Open or private sale190,952$29.66$184,072.44$5,663,712.70
6th March 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.163,460Exercise of derivative354,412$0.00
11th March 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.177,854Open or private sale176,558$28.37$5,046,162.62$5,009,391.85
22nd May 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.1,823Open or private sale174,735$33.34$60,780.10$5,825,787.21
3rd June 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.181Payment by withholding175,142$31.32$5,669.01$5,485,535.01
22nd August 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.1,535Open or private sale173,607$15.72$24,136.80$2,729,848.55
21st November 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.1,462Payment by withholding172,145$17.78$25,994.36$3,060,738.10
2nd December 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.109Payment by withholding172,281$16.99$1,851.91$2,927,054.19
2nd January 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.12,082Payment by withholding160,199$17.21$207,931.22$2,757,024.79
11th February 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.53,106Grant/award etc.213,305$0.00
24th February 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.1,462Payment by withholding211,843$19.18$28,041.16$4,063,148.74
2nd March 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.2,650Payment by withholding209,193$17.83$47,249.50$3,729,911.19
21st May 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.2,075Payment by withholding207,118$20.30$42,122.50$4,204,495.40
1st June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.1,002Payment by withholding206,336$21.35$21,392.70$4,405,273.60
1st June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.175Payment by withholding207,338$21.35$3,736.25$4,426,666.30
9th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.265,692Exercise of derivative265,692$0.00
9th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.36,423Exercise of derivative242,759$0.00
12th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.265,692Open or private sale0$18.92$5,025,564.18$0.00
12th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.89,229Open or private sale153,530$18.92$1,687,766.54$2,904,019.95
21st August 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.2,210Payment by withholding151,320$20.76$45,879.60$3,141,403.20
1st September 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.1,002Payment by withholding150,318$19.03$19,068.06$2,860,551.54