Jeremy Whitaker, Chief Financial Officer

LTRX 207,129 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jeremy Whitaker is at least $579,961.20. Jeremy Whitaker owns over 207,129 units of Lantronix, Inc. stock worth over $579,961.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th November 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.7,364Other acquisition or disposition207,129$2.80$20,619.20$579,961.20
14th March 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.499Payment by withholding152,570$2.78$1,387.22$424,144.60
14th March 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative153,069$0.00
14th September 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.432Payment by withholding199,765$4.57$1,974.24$912,926.05
14th September 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative200,197$0.00
14th June 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.325Payment by withholding153,495$3.24$1,053.00$497,323.80
14th June 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative153,820$0.00
9th August 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.22,493Payment by withholding171,002$3.61$81,199.73$617,317.22
9th August 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.40,000Exercise of derivative193,495$2.03$81,200.00$392,794.85
1st September 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.3,890Payment by withholding178,362$3.28$12,759.20$585,027.36
1st September 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.11,250Exercise of derivative182,252$0.00
14th September 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.432Payment by withholding179,180$3.30$1,425.60$591,294.00
14th September 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative179,612$0.00
1st December 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.973Payment by withholding181,019$3.36$3,269.28$608,223.84
1st December 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.2,812Exercise of derivative181,992$0.00
14th December 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.432Payment by withholding181,837$3.24$1,399.68$589,151.88
14th December 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative182,269$0.00
1st March 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,151Payment by withholding183,498$3.23$3,717.73$592,698.54
1st March 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.2,812Exercise of derivative184,649$0.00
14th March 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.513Payment by withholding184,235$2.03$1,041.39$373,997.05
14th March 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative184,748$0.00
1st June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,099Payment by withholding185,948$3.64$4,000.36$676,850.72
1st June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.2,812Exercise of derivative187,047$0.00
5th June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.45,000Open or private sale185,948$3.65$164,232.00$678,635.82
5th June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.45,000Exercise of derivative230,948$1.56$70,200.00$360,278.88
14th June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.500Payment by withholding186,698$3.48$1,740.00$649,709.04
14th June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative187,198$0.00
1st September 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.973Payment by withholding198,947$5.21$5,069.33$1,036,513.87
1st September 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.2,812Exercise of derivative199,920$0.00
31st August 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.5,503Payment by withholding197,108$5.37$29,551.11$1,058,469.96
31st August 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.15,913Grant/award etc.202,611$0.00