Markus Sieger

CTDH 4,522,857 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Markus Sieger is at least $995,028.54. Markus Sieger owns over 4,522,857 units of Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc. stock worth over $995,028.54.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st May 2019CTDH - Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc.400,000Open or private purchase4,422,857$0.00
23rd August 2019CTDH - Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc.100,000Open or private purchase4,522,857$0.22$22,000.00$995,028.54
24th April 2020CTDH - Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc.500,000Open or private purchase5,022,857$0.10$50,000.00$502,285.70
27th August 2020CTDH - Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc.750,000Open or private purchase5,772,857$0.00