Brad W Buss

AAP 6,647.721 shares
TSLA 1,540 shares
ACM 13,000 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Brad W Buss is at least $2,007,010.62. Brad W Buss owns over 6,647.721 units of Advance Auto Parts, Inc. stock worth over $1,033,720.62.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd October 2020AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.8.74Grant/award etc.6,647.721$155.50$1,359.07$1,033,720.62
4th January 2019AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.1.203Grant/award etc.4,386.815$158.81$191.05$696,670.09
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.100Open or private sale1,540$306.50$30,650.00$472,010.00
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.3,800Open or private sale1,640$305.88$1,162,332.60$501,638.28
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.3,135Open or private sale5,440$304.80$955,560.54$1,658,133.76
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.4,547Open or private sale8,575$303.67$1,380,801.13$2,603,995.98
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.6,689Open or private sale13,122$302.91$2,026,138.23$3,974,732.53
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.1,000Open or private sale19,811$301.86$301,861.00$5,980,168.27
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.2,605Exercise of derivative20,811$29.66$77,264.30$617,254.26
14th February 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.16,666Exercise of derivative18,206$30.08$501,313.28$547,636.48
14th March 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.19,271Open or private sale1,540$292.45$5,635,803.95$450,373.00
14th March 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.3,127Exercise of derivative20,811$29.66$92,746.82$617,254.26
14th March 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.1,561Exercise of derivative17,684$29.66$46,299.26$524,507.44
14th March 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative16,123$29.66$185,375.00$478,208.18
14th March 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.8,333Exercise of derivative9,873$29.66$247,156.78$292,833.18
5th April 2019AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.1.082Grant/award etc.4,387.897$176.78$191.28$775,692.43
15th May 2019AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.994.67Grant/award etc.5,382.567$0.00
16th May 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.900Open or private sale1,540$230.77$207,691.20$355,382.72
16th May 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.7,736Open or private sale2,440$230.07$1,779,813.78$561,368.36
16th May 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.6,230Open or private sale10,176$229.23$1,428,115.36$2,332,664.83
16th May 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.8,743Open or private sale16,406$227.95$1,992,975.59$3,739,764.11
16th May 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.14,931Open or private sale25,149$227.24$3,392,875.65$5,714,783.31
16th May 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.5,206Exercise of derivative40,080$29.66$154,409.96$1,188,772.80
16th May 2019TSLA - Tesla, Inc.33,334Exercise of derivative34,874$29.66$988,686.44$1,034,362.84
5th July 2019AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.1.562Grant/award etc.5,384.129$160.62$250.89$864,798.80
28th June 2019MRVL - Marvell Technology Group Ltd.9,975Exercise of derivative55,002$0.00
4th October 2019AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.1.57Grant/award etc.5,385.699$159.94$251.11$861,388.70
3rd January 2020AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.1.575Grant/award etc.5,387.274$159.42$251.09$858,839.22
3rd April 2020AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.12.367Grant/award etc.5,399.641$84.65$1,046.87$457,079.61
15th May 2020AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.1,229.573Grant/award etc.6,629.214$126.06$154,999.97$835,678.72
28th June 2020MRVL - Marvell Technology Group Ltd.9,216Exercise of derivative64,218$0.00
6th July 2020AAP - Advance Auto Parts, Inc.9.767Grant/award etc.6,638.981$138.96$1,357.22$922,552.80
26th August 2020ACM - AECOM13,000Grant/award etc.13,000$38.56$501,280.00$501,280.00