Kimberly Alexy

AYX 11,559 shares
FIVN 22,328 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kimberly Alexy is at least $2,061,473.00. Kimberly Alexy owns over 11,559 units of Alteryx, Inc. stock worth over $866,925.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th March 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.7,000Open or private sale11,559$75.00$525,000.00$866,925.00
27th February 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.4,000Open or private sale22,328$53.50$214,000.00$1,194,548.00
26th February 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.4,000Open or private sale26,328$53.25$213,000.00$1,401,966.00
22nd May 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,986Grant/award etc.13,545$0.00
10th June 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.3,000Open or private sale10,545$99.00$297,000.00$1,043,955.00
23rd May 2019FEYE - FireEye, Inc.15,581Grant/award etc.64,277$0.00
28th May 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.3,407Grant/award etc.3,407$0.00
10th June 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.7,155Open or private sale20,517$50.50$361,327.50$1,036,108.50
6th August 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.4,000Open or private sale12,517$55.75$223,000.00$697,822.75
5th August 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.4,000Open or private sale16,517$54.70$218,800.00$903,479.90
12th September 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.5,000Open or private sale3,407$55.10$275,500.00$187,725.70
12th September 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative8,407$8.48$42,400.00$71,291.36
18th November 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.5,000Open or private sale3,407$65.11$325,550.00$221,829.77
18th November 2019FIVN - Five9, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative8,407$8.48$42,400.00$71,291.36
14th November 2019WDC - Western Digital Corp.4,763Grant/award etc.9,726$0.00
13th November 2019WDC - Western Digital Corp.195Exercise of derivative4,963$0.00
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.4,000Open or private sale6,545$156.63$626,520.00$1,025,143.35
24th February 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.30,000Open or private sale3,407$71.70$2,151,000.00$244,281.90
24th February 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.30,000Exercise of derivative33,407$8.48$254,400.00$283,291.36
6th March 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.10,000Open or private sale3,407$71.09$710,900.00$242,203.63
6th March 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative13,407$8.48$84,800.00$113,691.36
10th March 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.6,533Open or private sale3,407$70.00$457,310.00$238,490.00
10th March 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.6,533Exercise of derivative9,940$8.48$55,399.84$84,291.20
14th May 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.464Open or private sale6,081$121.25$56,260.00$737,321.25
20th May 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,375Grant/award etc.7,456$0.00
26th May 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,000Open or private sale5,456$151.24$302,480.00$825,165.44
3rd June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,095Open or private sale3,361$145.00$303,775.00$487,345.00
28th May 2020FEYE - FireEye, Inc.18,627Grant/award etc.82,904$0.00
7th May 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.8,000Open or private sale4,517$104.81$838,480.00$473,426.77
18th May 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.1,784Grant/award etc.1,784$0.00
26th August 2020FIVN - Five9, Inc.4,517Open or private sale3,407$125.22$565,618.74$426,624.54