Walter P Hanley, Senior VP of Development

LKQX 35,900 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Walter P Hanley is at least $1,411,878.79. Walter P Hanley owns over 35,900 units of LKQ CORP stock worth over $1,411,878.79.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th January 2021LKQX - LKQ CORP1,990Payment by withholding35,900$39.33$78,262.92$1,411,878.79
14th January 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP3,738Payment by withholding171,087$26.62$99,516.03$4,554,814.98
1st March 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP25,276Grant/award etc.193,941$0.00
28th February 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP2,422Payment by withholding168,665$27.62$66,906.30$4,659,269.43
15th July 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP4,292Payment by withholding189,649$26.86$115,279.26$5,093,801.46
14th January 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP3,031Payment by withholding186,618$34.30$103,964.51$6,401,072.05
21st February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP21,123Grant/award etc.206,506$0.00
20th February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP1,235Payment by withholding185,383$33.32$41,150.08$6,176,943.02
2nd March 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP1,235Payment by withholding205,271$29.43$36,345.80$6,041,084.48
14th July 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP1,831Payment by withholding203,440$25.82$47,274.22$5,252,576.67
1st September 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP1,866Payment by withholding201,574$31.67$59,087.82$6,382,941.50