Anil Arora

CAG 18,956.55 shares
ENV 22,169 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Anil Arora is at least $2,562,100.46. Anil Arora owns over 18,956.55 units of Conagra Brands, Inc. stock worth over $687,933.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st December 2020CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.344.45Grant/award etc.18,956.55$36.29$12,500.09$687,933.20
23rd October 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.2,500Open or private sale22,169$84.54$211,350.00$1,874,167.26
21st October 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.98Open or private sale24,669$83.09$8,142.82$2,049,747.21
21st October 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.770Open or private sale24,767$82.25$63,332.50$2,037,085.75
21st October 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,632Open or private sale25,537$81.42$132,877.44$2,079,222.54
1st March 2019CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.537.4Grant/award etc.1,277.9$23.26$12,499.92$29,723.95
28th December 2018ENV - Envestnet, Inc.827Payment by withholding70,429$48.94$40,473.38$3,446,795.26
25th January 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.5,117Open or private sale65,312$53.92$275,908.64$3,521,623.04
1st February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.567Open or private sale64,745$54.74$31,037.58$3,544,141.30
28th February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.2,244Payment by withholding62,501$61.01$136,906.44$3,813,186.01
16th April 2019CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.1,600Open or private purchase2,877.9$30.06$48,096.00$86,509.67
3rd June 2019CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.454.21Grant/award etc.3,342.25$27.52$12,499.86$91,978.72
1st March 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.8,003Sale back to the issuer54,498$0.00
1st April 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.9,594Open or private sale44,904$65.66$629,942.04$2,948,396.64
28th March 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.827Payment by withholding44,077$64.65$53,465.55$2,849,578.05
1st May 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.325Open or private sale43,752$70.03$22,759.75$3,063,952.56
28th May 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.785Payment by withholding42,967$68.86$54,055.10$2,958,707.62
3rd June 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.2,261Open or private sale40,706$66.79$151,012.19$2,718,753.74
1st August 2019CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.3,422Exercise of derivative6,845.25$0.00
3rd September 2019CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.438.6Grant/award etc.7,322.8$28.50$12,500.10$208,699.80
1st July 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.827Payment by withholding34,514$68.37$56,541.99$2,359,722.18
1st July 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.376Open or private sale35,341$69.13$25,992.88$2,443,123.33
1st July 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.4,989Open or private sale35,717$68.32$340,848.48$2,440,185.44
1st August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.243Open or private sale34,189$71.58$17,393.94$2,447,248.62
1st August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.82Open or private sale34,432$70.52$5,782.64$2,428,144.64
28th August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.782Payment by withholding33,407$55.86$43,682.52$1,866,115.02
2nd December 2019CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.434.63Grant/award etc.7,773.73$28.76$12,499.96$223,572.47
28th September 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.827Payment by withholding32,580$56.97$47,114.19$1,856,082.60
8th November 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.4,476Open or private sale28,104$64.90$290,492.40$1,823,949.60
28th November 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.785Payment by withholding27,319$71.08$55,797.80$1,941,834.52
28th December 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.827Payment by withholding26,492$71.56$59,180.12$1,895,767.52
2nd March 2020CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.442.63Grant/award etc.8,221.36$28.24$12,499.87$232,171.21
28th February 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,325Grant/award etc.27,169$0.00
28th February 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.648Payment by withholding25,844$75.48$48,911.04$1,950,705.12
28th May 2020CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.5,054Exercise of derivative13,389.36$0.00
1st June 2020CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.360.02Grant/award etc.18,202.38$34.72$12,499.89$631,986.63
1st June 2020CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.4,453Grant/award etc.17,842.36$0.00
1st September 2020CAG - Conagra Brands, Inc.330.43Grant/award etc.18,573.52$37.83$12,500.17$702,636.26