Kane Michael T O

AGO 56,616 shares
LUK 63,770 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kane Michael T O is at least $3,437,231.98. Kane Michael T O owns over 56,616 units of Assured Guaranty Ltd. stock worth over $2,144,614.08.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
3rd January 2019AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.1,138Payment by withholding56,616$37.88$43,107.44$2,144,614.08
3rd January 2019AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.3,873Exercise of derivative57,754$11.13$43,106.49$642,802.02
28th February 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP331Grant/award etc.63,770$20.27$6,709.37$1,292,617.90
28th March 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP10,090Grant/award etc.73,860$18.83$189,994.70$1,390,783.80
8th May 2019AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.3,154Grant/award etc.58,887$0.00
7th May 2019AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.883Payment by withholding55,733$46.21$40,803.43$2,575,421.93
31st May 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP382Grant/award etc.74,242$17.67$6,749.94$1,311,856.14
30th August 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP365Grant/award etc.74,607$18.64$6,803.60$1,390,674.48
11th October 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP3,755Grant/award etc.78,362$18.07$67,852.85$1,416,001.34
29th November 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP350Grant/award etc.78,712$20.90$7,315.00$1,645,080.80
7th January 2020AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.1,233Payment by withholding60,807$48.59$59,911.47$2,954,612.13
7th January 2020AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.3,153Exercise of derivative62,040$19.00$59,907.00$1,178,760.00
28th February 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP448Grant/award etc.79,160$19.71$8,830.08$1,560,243.60
17th April 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP14,393Grant/award etc.93,553$13.20$189,987.60$1,234,899.60
6th May 2020AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.5,156Grant/award etc.65,484$0.00
5th May 2020AGO - Assured Guaranty Ltd.479Payment by withholding60,328$28.80$13,795.20$1,737,446.40
29th May 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP607Grant/award etc.94,160$14.65$8,892.55$1,379,444.00
28th August 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP505Grant/award etc.94,665$17.79$8,983.95$1,684,090.35