Stacey Giamalis, Senior VP, Legal and GC

PD 67,319 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Stacey Giamalis is at least $3,620,415.82. Stacey Giamalis owns over 67,319 units of PagerDuty, Inc. stock worth over $3,620,415.82.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
19th February 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.200Open or private sale67,319$53.78$10,756.00$3,620,415.82
19th February 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.3,946Open or private sale67,519$53.16$209,749.63$3,588,972.45
19th February 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.7,854Open or private sale71,465$52.16$409,672.49$3,727,685.87
19th February 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.12,000Exercise of derivative79,319$5.87$70,380.00$465,205.94
5th February 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.16,000Open or private sale67,319$55.06$880,956.80$3,706,570.68
5th February 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.16,000Exercise of derivative83,319$5.87$93,840.00$488,665.94
21st January 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.200Open or private sale67,319$49.87$9,973.00$3,356,861.94
21st January 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.6,300Open or private sale67,519$49.04$308,928.69$3,310,881.94
21st January 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.6,479Open or private sale73,819$48.37$313,369.79$3,570,403.57
21st January 2021PD - PagerDuty, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative80,298$5.87$58,650.00$470,947.77
22nd December 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.20,000Exercise of derivative72,189$5.87$117,300.00$423,388.49
21st December 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,026Open or private sale72,189$45.48$183,085.57$3,282,852.53
21st December 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.7,974Open or private sale76,215$44.98$358,691.25$3,428,348.86
21st December 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative84,189$14.52$58,080.00$1,222,424.28
21st December 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.8,000Exercise of derivative80,189$5.87$46,920.00$470,308.49
30th November 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,000Open or private sale72,189$35.02$140,087.20$2,528,188.72
30th November 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative76,189$5.87$23,460.00$446,848.49
19th November 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,800Open or private sale72,189$30.32$54,569.34$2,188,503.38
19th November 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,200Open or private sale73,989$29.57$124,212.06$2,188,172.88
19th November 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.6,000Exercise of derivative78,189$5.87$35,190.00$458,578.49
5th November 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.600Open or private sale72,189$30.00$18,000.00$2,165,670.00
5th November 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.600Exercise of derivative72,789$5.87$3,519.00$426,907.49
27th October 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,400Open or private sale72,189$30.05$42,071.12$2,169,337.20
27th October 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,400Exercise of derivative73,589$5.87$8,211.00$431,599.49
23rd October 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.6,371Open or private sale72,189$28.95$184,470.39$2,090,210.84
23rd October 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.2,000Open or private sale78,560$28.30$56,609.00$2,223,601.52
23rd October 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.2,000Exercise of derivative80,560$5.87$11,730.00$472,484.40
2nd October 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,685Payment by withholding78,560$27.63$46,556.55$2,170,612.80
18th September 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.774Open or private sale80,245$25.00$19,350.00$2,006,125.00
18th September 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.774Exercise of derivative81,019$2.00$1,548.00$162,038.00
16th September 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.226Open or private sale80,245$25.00$5,650.00$2,006,125.00
16th September 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.226Exercise of derivative80,471$2.00$452.00$160,942.00
24th October 2019PD - PagerDuty, Inc.800Open or private sale0$25.03$20,022.48$0.00
24th October 2019PD - PagerDuty, Inc.800Exercise of derivative800$5.87$4,692.00$4,692.00
22nd October 2019PD - PagerDuty, Inc.200Open or private sale0$25.02$5,003.00$0.00
22nd October 2019PD - PagerDuty, Inc.200Exercise of derivative200$5.87$1,173.00$1,173.00
19th November 2019PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Open or private sale0$25.00$25,001.00$0.00
19th November 2019PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative1,000$5.87$5,865.00$5,865.00
7th January 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Open or private sale0$25.05$25,054.20$0.00
7th January 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative1,000$5.87$5,865.00$5,865.00
13th January 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Open or private sale0$25.00$25,000.00$0.00
13th January 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative1,000$5,865.00$5,865,000.00$5,865,000.00
2nd April 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.77,930Grant/award etc.77,930$0.00
11th May 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,000Open or private sale77,930$25.03$100,136.40$1,950,907.41
11th May 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative81,930$5.87$23,460.00$480,519.45
22nd June 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,182Open or private sale77,930$30.86$36,471.79$2,404,608.08
22nd June 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.900Open or private sale79,112$30.02$27,015.03$2,374,681.17
22nd June 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative80,012$5.87$5,865.00$469,270.38
15th June 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,082Other acquisition or disposition79,012$23.09$24,983.38$1,824,387.08
2nd July 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,685Payment by withholding76,245$30.01$50,566.85$2,288,112.45
13th July 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.271Open or private sale76,245$28.04$7,599.68$2,138,146.16
13th July 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.475Open or private sale76,516$27.30$12,965.70$2,088,596.04
13th July 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.254Open or private sale76,991$26.24$6,665.14$2,020,297.73
13th July 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative77,245$5.87$5,865.00$453,041.93
12th August 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Open or private sale74,245$29.18$29,181.70$2,166,595.32
12th August 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.1,000Exercise of derivative75,245$5.87$5,865.00$441,311.93
1st September 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.11,000Open or private sale74,245$35.03$385,316.80$2,600,713.26
1st September 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.11,000Exercise of derivative85,245$5.87$64,515.00$499,961.93
3rd September 2020PD - PagerDuty, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative80,245$5.87$23,460.00$470,636.93