Steven M Davi, EVP Technology

SYNC 128,066 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Steven M Davi is at least $243,325.40. Steven M Davi owns over 128,066 units of Synacor, Inc. stock worth over $243,325.40.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
4th February 2021SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,155Payment by withholding128,066$1.90$2,194.50$243,325.40
28th January 2021SYNC - Synacor, Inc.2,396Payment by withholding129,221$1.77$4,240.92$228,721.17
1st January 2021SYNC - Synacor, Inc.2,123Payment by withholding131,617$1.36$2,887.28$178,999.12
9th August 2019SYNC - Synacor, Inc.36,764Grant/award etc.80,057$0.00
1st March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,315Payment by withholding75,494$1.11$1,459.65$83,798.34
1st January 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,933Payment by withholding76,809$1.52$2,938.16$116,749.68
1st September 2019SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,315Payment by withholding78,742$1.46$1,919.90$114,963.32
28th July 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.41,494Grant/award etc.116,988$1.21$50,000.27$140,970.54
4th August 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.20,000Grant/award etc.136,988$1.20$24,000.00$164,385.60
14th August 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,933Payment by withholding135,055$1.14$2,203.62$153,962.70
1st September 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.1,315Payment by withholding133,740$1.10$1,446.50$147,114.00