David C Habiger

STMP 572 shares
XPER 7,530 shares

The estimated Net Worth of David C Habiger is at least $150,431.62. David C Habiger owns over 572 units of Stamps.com, Inc. stock worth over $50,192.26.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
19th February 2021GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.539Exercise of derivative3,853$0.00
19th November 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.539Exercise of derivative3,314$0.00
22nd February 2019ECHO - Echo Global Logistics, Inc.5,507Grant/award etc.26,623$0.00
24th February 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.186Exercise of derivative558$0.00
15th March 2019STMP - Stamps.com, Inc.285Open or private purchase572$87.75$25,008.38$50,192.26
14th March 2019STMP - Stamps.com, Inc.287Open or private purchase287$87.01$24,971.87$24,971.87
24th May 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.187Exercise of derivative745$0.00
31st May 2019CTRL - CONTROL4 CORP7,180Grant/award etc.30,865$0.00
3rd May 2019XPER - Xperi Holding Corp.5,889Grant/award etc.19,949$0.00
1st August 2019CTRL - CONTROL4 CORP23,685Sale back to the issuer0$0.00
21st August 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.372Exercise of derivative1,117$0.00
21st November 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.373Exercise of derivative1,490$0.00
21st February 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.373Exercise of derivative1,863$0.00
21st May 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.373Exercise of derivative2,236$0.00
1st June 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp.19,949Sale back to the issuer19,949$0.00
1st June 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp19,949Grant/award etc.19,949$0.00
19th August 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.539Exercise of derivative2,775$0.00
28th July 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp10,644Grant/award etc.30,593$0.00
24th August 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp7,530Open or private purchase7,530$13.31$100,239.36$100,239.36
1st September 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp2,815Open or private purchase13,462$12.45$35,045.91$167,597.86
28th August 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp3,117Open or private purchase10,647$12.99$40,489.83$138,304.53
2nd September 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp2,475Open or private purchase15,937$12.12$29,989.58$193,108.63
4th September 2020XPER - Xperi Holding Corp1,314Open or private purchase17,251$11.44$15,030.06$197,323.84