Diana F Cantor

DPZ 19,590 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Diana F Cantor is at least $243,503.70. Diana F Cantor owns over 19,590 units of Domino's Pizza, Inc. stock worth over $243,503.70.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th February 2019DPZ - Domino's Pizza, Inc.450Grant/award etc.13,590$0.00
14th March 2019DPZ - Domino's Pizza, Inc.6,000Exercise of derivative19,590$12.43$74,580.00$243,503.70
12th February 2019VICI - VICI Properties, Inc.2,331Grant/award etc.7,212$0.00
30th April 2019VICI - VICI Properties, Inc.6,060Grant/award etc.13,272$0.00
28th August 2019UVV - Universal Corp.1,650Grant/award etc.12,254$0.00
21st April 2020DPZ - Domino's Pizza, Inc.440Grant/award etc.20,030$0.00
1st June 2020DPZ - Domino's Pizza, Inc.6,000Open or private sale14,030$385.59$2,313,540.00$5,409,827.70
30th April 2020VICI - VICI Properties, Inc.8,253Grant/award etc.21,525$0.00
24th August 2020DPZ - Domino's Pizza, Inc.504.745Open or private sale13,530$420.49$212,240.23$5,689,229.70
4th August 2020UVV - Universal Corp.2,400Grant/award etc.14,970$0.00