Thomas L Williams, Chairman and CEO

GTLS 12,502 shares
PH 162,285 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Thomas L Williams is at least $30,363,622.60. Thomas L Williams owns over 12,502 units of Chart Industries, Inc. stock worth over $824,506.90.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd January 2019GTLS - Chart Industries, Inc.97Payment by withholding12,502$65.95$6,397.15$824,506.90
2nd January 2019GTLS - Chart Industries, Inc.379Grant/award etc.12,599$0.00
1st April 2019GTLS - Chart Industries, Inc.71Payment by withholding12,706$90.72$6,441.12$1,152,688.32
1st April 2019GTLS - Chart Industries, Inc.275Grant/award etc.12,777$0.00
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.24,801Payment by withholding162,285$182.02$4,514,278.02$29,539,115.70
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.56,910Grant/award etc.187,086$0.00
10th September 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.32,109Open or private sale130,176$180.68$5,801,454.12$23,520,199.68
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.28,888Payment by withholding165,918$134.95$3,898,435.60$22,390,634.10
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.64,630Grant/award etc.194,806$0.00
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.9,396Open or private sale165,918$213.48$2,005,884.39$35,420,639.21
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.25,444Payment by withholding175,314$213.50$5,432,294.00$37,429,539.00
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.34,840Exercise of derivative200,758$106.18$3,699,311.20$21,316,484.44