Jay Freeland, Chairman, Interim Pres & CEO

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The estimated Net Worth of Jay Freeland is at least $0.00. Jay Freeland owns over 0 units of Perceptron, Inc. stock worth over $0.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
21st December 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.51,293Sale back to the issuer0$7.00$359,051.00$0.00
1st December 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.4,256Grant/award etc.51,293$6.97$29,664.32$357,512.21
1st December 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.1,793Grant/award etc.47,037$6.97$12,497.21$327,847.89
14th June 2019PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.4,091Grant/award etc.4,091$4.46$18,245.86$18,245.86
3rd September 2019PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,777Grant/award etc.6,868$4.50$12,496.50$30,906.00
2nd December 2019PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.1,590Grant/award etc.11,235$0.00
2nd December 2019PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,777Grant/award etc.9,645$4.50$12,496.50$43,402.50
2nd March 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.7,246Grant/award etc.21,216$4.57$33,114.22$96,957.12
2nd March 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,735Grant/award etc.13,970$4.57$12,498.95$63,842.90
1st June 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.9,221Grant/award etc.34,456$3.11$28,677.31$107,158.16
1st June 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.4,019Grant/award etc.25,235$3.11$12,499.09$78,480.85
1st September 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,934Grant/award etc.32,004$4.26$12,498.84$136,337.04
1st September 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.7,854Grant/award etc.29,070$4.26$33,458.04$123,838.20