Kevin T Conroy

EXAS 886,011 shares
EPZM 3,775 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kevin T Conroy is at least $73,131,161.61. Kevin T Conroy owns over 886,011 units of EXACT Sciences Corp. stock worth over $73,084,389.36.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th January 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.23,236Open or private sale886,011$82.49$1,916,667.93$73,084,389.36
25th January 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.181,250Open or private sale909,247$81.90$14,844,193.75$74,466,420.05
25th January 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.36,453Open or private sale1,090,497$80.78$2,944,782.70$88,093,619.15
25th January 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.28,605Open or private sale1,126,950$79.89$2,285,339.27$90,035,416.35
25th January 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.34,853Open or private sale1,155,555$78.80$2,746,416.40$91,057,734.00
24th January 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.304,397Exercise of derivative1,190,408$0.00
25th February 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.16,400Open or private sale903,936$90.55$1,485,036.40$81,852,308.74
23rd February 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.34,325Exercise of derivative920,336$0.00
27th February 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.20,575Exercise of derivative935,367$0.00
27th February 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.9,169Open or private sale914,792$95.07$871,733.51$86,972,934.61
26th February 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.20,025Exercise of derivative923,961$0.00
28th February 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.10,014Open or private sale925,353$93.20$933,344.86$86,246,601.01
11th March 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.11,227Open or private sale938,526$87.21$979,129.12$81,850,729.51
9th March 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.24,400Exercise of derivative949,753$0.00
31st March 2019EPZM - Epizyme, Inc.897Grant/award etc.3,775$12.39$11,113.83$46,772.25
30th June 2019EPZM - Epizyme, Inc.887Grant/award etc.4,662$12.55$11,131.85$58,508.10
16th December 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.4,277Exercise of derivative950,466$23.38$99,996.26$22,221,895.08
16th December 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.7,163Exercise of derivative946,189$13.96$99,995.48$13,208,798.44
30th April 2019EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.500Grant/award etc.939,026$42.44$21,220.00$39,852,263.44
30th September 2019EPZM - Epizyme, Inc.1,078Grant/award etc.5,740$10.32$11,124.96$59,236.80
25th February 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.18,115Open or private sale966,676$85.11$1,541,767.65$82,273,794.36
24th February 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.34,325Exercise of derivative984,791$0.00
27th February 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.13,875Open or private sale982,138$80.27$1,113,746.25$78,836,217.26
26th February 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.9,312Exercise of derivative996,013$0.00
26th February 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.20,025Exercise of derivative986,701$0.00
28th February 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.9,750Open or private sale992,963$80.17$781,657.50$79,605,843.71
27th February 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.20,575Exercise of derivative1,002,713$0.00
31st December 2019EPZM - Epizyme, Inc.452Grant/award etc.6,192$24.60$11,119.20$152,323.20
31st March 2020EPZM - Epizyme, Inc.717Grant/award etc.6,909$15.51$11,120.67$107,158.59
3rd August 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.198Open or private sale968,266$95.00$18,810.00$91,985,270.00
3rd August 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.25,000Open or private sale968,464$93.79$2,344,750.00$90,832,238.56
30th April 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.501Grant/award etc.993,464$42.44$21,262.44$42,162,612.16
1st September 2020EXAS - EXACT Sciences Corp.19,927Open or private sale948,339$75.03$1,495,122.81$71,153,875.17
30th June 2020EPZM - Epizyme, Inc.693Grant/award etc.7,602$16.06$11,129.58$122,088.12