Philip C Moore

NP 18,026 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Philip C Moore is at least $921,128.60. Philip C Moore owns over 18,026 units of Neenah, Inc. stock worth over $921,128.60.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd December 2020NP - Neenah, Inc.19Other acquisition or disposition18,026$51.10$970.90$921,128.60
4th March 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.9Other acquisition or disposition20,255$67.35$606.15$1,364,174.25
5th September 2018NP - Neenah, Inc.6Other acquisition or disposition20,246$91.85$551.10$1,859,595.10
4th June 2018NP - Neenah, Inc.7Other acquisition or disposition20,240$82.50$577.50$1,669,800.00
22nd May 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.1,676Grant/award etc.21,904$59.70$100,057.20$1,307,668.80
4th June 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.10Other acquisition or disposition21,914$60.78$607.80$1,331,932.92
4th September 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.13Other acquisition or disposition21,927$61.66$801.58$1,352,018.82
12th November 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.100Open or private sale15,927$74.08$7,408.00$1,179,872.16
12th November 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.5,900Open or private sale16,027$74.81$441,379.00$1,198,979.87
3rd December 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.11Other acquisition or disposition15,938$71.73$789.03$1,143,232.74
3rd March 2020NP - Neenah, Inc.15Other acquisition or disposition15,953$56.44$846.60$900,387.32
21st May 2020NP - Neenah, Inc.2,016Grant/award etc.17,969$49.60$99,993.60$891,262.40
2nd June 2020NP - Neenah, Inc.16Other acquisition or disposition17,985$52.85$845.60$950,507.25
2nd September 2020NP - Neenah, Inc.22Other acquisition or disposition18,007$44.43$977.46$800,051.01