Karen J Holcom, SVP & Chief Financial Officer

AYI 16,197 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Karen J Holcom is at least $2,023,005.30. Karen J Holcom owns over 16,197 units of Acuity Brands, Inc. stock worth over $2,023,005.30.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
26th October 2019AYI - Acuity Brands, Inc.62Payment by withholding16,197$124.90$7,743.80$2,023,005.30
25th October 2019AYI - Acuity Brands, Inc.53Payment by withholding16,259$124.90$6,619.70$2,030,749.10
24th October 2019AYI - Acuity Brands, Inc.196Payment by withholding16,312$124.29$24,360.84$2,027,418.48
24th October 2019AYI - Acuity Brands, Inc.1,126Grant/award etc.16,508$0.00
1st March 2020AYI - Acuity Brands, Inc.134Payment by withholding16,063$102.86$13,783.24$1,652,240.18
20th August 2020AYI - Acuity Brands, Inc.305Payment by withholding15,758$109.25$33,321.25$1,721,561.50
1st September 2020AYI - Acuity Brands, Inc.64Payment by withholding15,694$108.96$6,973.44$1,710,018.24