Nelson Chai, Chief Financial Officer

UBER 184,950 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Nelson Chai is at least $6,179,179.50. Nelson Chai owns over 184,950 units of Uber Technologies, Inc. stock worth over $6,179,179.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st November 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,527Payment by withholding184,950$33.41$84,427.07$6,179,179.50
1st October 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,528Payment by withholding187,477$37.14$93,889.92$6,962,895.78
22nd May 2019TMO - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.718Grant/award etc.12,138$0.00
9th May 2019UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.246,305Grant/award etc.246,305$0.00
1st September 2019UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.27,968Payment by withholding218,337$32.57$910,917.76$7,111,236.09
1st October 2019UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,542Payment by withholding215,795$29.15$74,099.30$6,290,424.25
1st November 2019UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,540Payment by withholding213,255$31.37$79,679.80$6,689,809.35
1st December 2019UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,538Payment by withholding210,717$29.60$75,124.80$6,237,223.20
1st January 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.1,998Payment by withholding208,719$29.74$59,420.52$6,207,303.06
1st February 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.1,765Payment by withholding206,954$36.29$64,051.85$7,510,360.66
1st March 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.1,764Payment by withholding205,190$33.87$59,746.68$6,949,785.30
20th May 2020TMO - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.572Grant/award etc.12,710$0.00
1st April 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,533Payment by withholding202,657$25.42$64,388.86$5,151,540.94
1st May 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,532Payment by withholding200,125$28.39$71,883.48$5,681,548.75
1st June 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,531Payment by withholding197,594$35.82$90,660.42$7,077,817.08
1st July 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,531Payment by withholding195,063$30.43$77,018.33$5,935,767.09
1st August 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,529Payment by withholding192,534$30.26$76,527.54$5,826,078.84
1st September 2020UBER - Uber Technologies, Inc.2,529Payment by withholding190,005$34.30$86,744.70$6,517,171.50