Marguerite M Elias, EVP, Gen Counsel and Secy

GOGO 46,648 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Marguerite M Elias is at least $655,870.88. Marguerite M Elias owns over 46,648 units of Gogo, Inc. stock worth over $655,870.88.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th February 2021GOGO - Gogo, Inc.950Payment by withholding46,648$14.06$13,357.00$655,870.88
17th February 2021GOGO - Gogo, Inc.2,750Exercise of derivative47,598$0.00
17th February 2019GOGO - Gogo, Inc.475Payment by withholding42,421$3.78$1,795.50$160,351.38
17th February 2019GOGO - Gogo, Inc.1,375Exercise of derivative42,896$0.00
14th March 2019GOGO - Gogo, Inc.865Payment by withholding41,556$4.90$4,238.50$203,624.40
26th May 2019GOGO - Gogo, Inc.600Payment by withholding40,356$5.41$3,246.00$218,325.96
26th May 2019GOGO - Gogo, Inc.600Payment by withholding40,956$5.41$3,246.00$221,571.96
17th February 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.475Payment by withholding41,256$5.01$2,379.75$206,692.56
17th February 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.1,375Exercise of derivative41,731$0.00
10th March 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.3,031Payment by withholding46,988$2.83$8,577.73$132,976.04
10th March 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.8,763Exercise of derivative50,019$0.00
14th March 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.865Payment by withholding46,123$2.23$1,928.95$102,854.29
17th March 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.2,958Payment by withholding51,720$2.14$6,330.12$110,680.80
17th March 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.8,555Exercise of derivative54,678$0.00
26th May 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.600Payment by withholding51,120$2.32$1,392.00$118,598.40
31st July 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.5,013Payment by withholding63,219$2.91$14,587.83$183,967.29
31st July 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.17,112Exercise of derivative68,232$0.00
2nd September 2020GOGO - Gogo, Inc.18,371Open or private sale44,848$9.52$174,844.16$426,836.36