David J Maness

ISBA 36,525.552 shares

The estimated Net Worth of David J Maness is at least $851,410.62. David J Maness owns over 36,525.552 units of Isabella Bank Corp. stock worth over $851,410.62.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2018ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.150.124Open or private purchase36,525.552$23.31$3,499.39$851,410.62
29th March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.560.254Grant/award etc.37,493.515$23.65$13,250.01$886,721.62
3rd June 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.576Grant/award etc.38,069.515$22.99$13,242.24$875,218.14
3rd September 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.598Grant/award etc.39,091.052$22.15$13,245.70$865,866.80
2nd December 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.583Grant/award etc.40,125.169$24.00$13,992.00$963,004.06
2nd March 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.559Grant/award etc.41,129.67$23.68$13,237.12$973,950.58
1st June 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.856Grant/award etc.42,614.087$16.35$13,995.60$696,740.33
1st September 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.1,081Grant/award etc.44,335.598$16.20$17,512.20$718,236.69