Richard J Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer

CERS 16,444 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Richard J Benjamin is at least $97,013.02. Richard J Benjamin owns over 16,444 units of Cerus Corp. stock worth over $97,013.02.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th March 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.5,979Open or private sale16,444$5.90$35,273.71$97,013.02
12th March 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.15,834Exercise of derivative22,423$0.00
13th March 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.2,832Open or private sale6,589$5.90$16,711.07$38,880.37
12th March 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.7,500Exercise of derivative9,421$0.00
12th March 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.1,079Open or private sale1,921$6.48$6,991.92$12,448.08
10th March 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.3,000Exercise of derivative3,000$0.00
7th August 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.16,444Open or private sale0$5.01$82,323.60$0.00
17th March 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.17,497Open or private sale41,763$3.59$62,896.47$150,125.46
17th March 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.45,000Exercise of derivative59,260$0.00
17th March 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.6,051Open or private sale14,260$3.59$21,751.53$51,260.42
17th March 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.15,833Exercise of derivative20,311$0.00
17th March 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.3,022Open or private sale4,478$3.59$10,863.18$16,097.07
17th March 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.7,500Exercise of derivative7,500$0.00
7th July 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.31,666Open or private sale41,763$7.20$228,004.70$300,706.13
7th July 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.31,666Exercise of derivative73,429$4.32$136,797.12$317,213.28
7th July 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.22,917Open or private sale41,763$7.20$165,009.28$300,706.13
7th July 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.22,917Exercise of derivative64,680$4.33$99,230.61$280,064.40
7th July 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.100,000Open or private sale41,763$7.20$720,030.00$300,706.13
7th July 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.100,000Exercise of derivative141,763$4.72$472,000.00$669,121.36
24th August 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.100,000Open or private sale41,763$7.90$790,000.00$329,927.70
24th August 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.100,000Exercise of derivative141,763$4.72$472,000.00$669,121.36