Michelle Philpot, Chief Accounting Officer

RUN 40,495 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michelle Philpot is at least $2,640,780.19. Michelle Philpot owns over 40,495 units of SunRun, Inc. stock worth over $2,640,780.19.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.11,072Open or private sale40,495$65.21$722,032.80$2,640,780.19
30th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.47,901Open or private sale51,567$64.72$3,100,353.90$3,337,632.82
30th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.11,802Exercise of derivative99,468$14.57$171,955.14$1,449,248.76
30th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.6,593Exercise of derivative87,666$8.05$53,073.65$705,711.30
30th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.29,024Exercise of derivative81,073$5.00$145,120.00$405,365.00
30th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.8,746Exercise of derivative52,049$6.40$55,974.40$333,113.60
15th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.183Open or private sale43,303$62.93$11,516.96$2,725,239.66
15th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.1,000Open or private sale43,486$62.15$62,152.00$2,702,741.87
15th December 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.1,200Open or private sale44,486$61.29$73,553.52$2,726,751.58
19th November 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.763Open or private sale45,686$57.36$43,765.68$2,620,548.96
6th November 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Open or private sale45,686$60.36$603,600.00$2,757,606.96
6th November 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative55,686$8.05$80,500.00$448,272.30
21st September 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.2,644Open or private sale45,686$59.20$156,524.80$2,704,611.20
15th September 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.400Open or private sale48,330$60.24$24,096.00$2,911,399.20
15th September 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.2,149Open or private sale48,730$59.75$128,402.75$2,911,617.50
8th August 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.7,500Open or private sale56,697$18.41$138,075.00$1,043,791.77
8th August 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.7,500Exercise of derivative64,197$6.40$48,000.00$410,860.80
11th September 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.984Open or private sale55,713$15.38$15,133.92$856,865.94
20th September 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.1,371Open or private sale54,342$17.43$23,896.53$947,181.06
27th September 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.781Open or private sale50,474$16.60$12,964.60$837,868.40
15th September 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.2,118Payment by withholding51,255$15.96$33,803.28$818,029.80
3rd September 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.969Payment by withholding53,373$15.33$14,854.77$818,208.09
15th October 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.6,000Open or private sale50,474$17.16$102,960.00$866,133.84
15th October 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.6,000Exercise of derivative56,474$5.00$30,000.00$282,370.00
22nd November 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.1,098Open or private sale50,474$13.47$14,790.06$679,884.78
21st November 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.4,000Open or private sale51,572$13.49$53,960.00$695,706.28
21st November 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative55,572$5.00$20,000.00$277,860.00
3rd December 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.969Payment by withholding49,505$13.55$13,129.95$670,792.75
16th December 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.2,119Payment by withholding47,386$13.94$29,538.86$660,560.84
19th December 2019RUN - SunRun, Inc.3,136Open or private sale44,250$14.55$45,628.80$643,837.50
9th January 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Open or private sale44,250$15.00$150,000.00$663,750.00
9th January 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative54,250$6.40$64,000.00$347,200.00
3rd March 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.952Payment by withholding43,298$0.00
17th March 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.5,452Open or private sale37,846$8.11$44,209.72$306,889.43
24th March 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.2,504Open or private sale35,342$11.30$28,295.20$399,364.60
30th March 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.12,863Grant/award etc.48,205$0.00
11th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.1,045Open or private sale50,149$14.62$15,277.90$733,178.38
8th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.2,989Grant/award etc.51,194$0.00
8th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Open or private sale48,205$15.00$150,000.00$723,075.00
8th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative58,205$6.40$64,000.00$372,512.00
14th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.3,779Open or private sale57,072$13.26$50,123.52$756,985.89
13th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,702Grant/award etc.60,851$0.00
28th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.15,000Open or private sale58,101$17.00$255,000.00$987,717.00
28th May 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.15,000Exercise of derivative72,072$8.05$120,750.00$580,179.60
1st June 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.7,500Open or private sale58,101$16.60$124,500.00$964,476.60
1st June 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.7,500Exercise of derivative65,601$6.40$48,000.00$419,846.40
8th June 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.1,002Open or private sale57,099$19.46$19,498.92$1,111,146.54
15th June 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.1,731Open or private sale55,368$18.66$32,293.54$1,032,945.41
19th June 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.4,489Open or private sale50,879$19.97$89,645.33$1,016,053.63
1st September 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Open or private sale50,879$56.50$565,000.00$2,874,663.50
1st September 2020RUN - SunRun, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative60,879$8.05$80,500.00$490,075.95