Keith W. Eckel

FNCB 13,300.312 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Keith W. Eckel is at least $90,079.02. Keith W. Eckel owns over 13,300.312 units of FNCB Bancorp, Inc. stock worth over $90,079.02.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.36.913Other acquisition or disposition13,300.312$6.77$250.00$90,079.02
15th December 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.47.99Other acquisition or disposition13,263.399$7.61$365.35$100,974.26
30th November 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.38.629Other acquisition or disposition13,215.409$6.47$250.00$85,528.81
2nd November 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.46.026Other acquisition or disposition13,176.78$5.43$250.00$71,572.32
30th September 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.48.112Other acquisition or disposition13,130.754$5.20$250.00$68,230.02
15th September 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.53.75Other acquisition or disposition13,082.642$6.61$355.09$86,427.86
31st December 2018FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.29.639Other acquisition or disposition5,517.742$8.43$250.00$46,541.60
4th February 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.26.065Other acquisition or disposition5,543.807$9.59$250.00$53,172.32
28th February 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.33.535Other acquisition or disposition5,749.987$7.45$250.00$42,865.00
2nd April 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.34.245Other acquisition or disposition5,792.008$7.30$250.00$42,283.40
1st May 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.33.146Other acquisition or disposition5,825.154$7.54$250.00$43,936.22
3rd June 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.33.928Other acquisition or disposition5,859.082$7.37$250.00$43,173.23
1st July 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.1,956Grant/award etc.7,815.082$7.67$15,002.52$59,941.68
2nd July 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.33.036Other acquisition or disposition7,856.59$7.57$250.00$59,455.53
1st August 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.32.895Other acquisition or disposition7,889.485$7.60$250.00$59,959.30
4th September 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.34.021Other acquisition or disposition7,923.506$7.35$250.00$58,225.09
1st October 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.31.925Other acquisition or disposition7,974.878$7.83$250.00$62,450.47
1st November 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.34.087Other acquisition or disposition8,008.965$7.33$250.00$58,739.35
3rd December 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.31.243Other acquisition or disposition8,040.208$8.00$250.00$64,335.33
31st December 2019FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.30.669Other acquisition or disposition8,091.928$8.15$250.00$65,962.16
3rd February 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.31.985Other acquisition or disposition8,123.913$7.82$250.00$63,497.32
2nd March 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.35.383Other acquisition or disposition8,159.296$7.07$250.00$57,649.51
31st March 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.38.571Other acquisition or disposition8,226.784$6.48$250.00$53,322.72
30th April 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.43.172Other acquisition or disposition8,269.956$5.79$250.00$47,889.66
13th May 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.2,000Open or private purchase10,269.956$5.50$11,000.00$56,484.76
1st June 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.42.556Other acquisition or disposition10,312.512$5.87$250.00$60,581.88
30th June 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.44.404Other acquisition or disposition10,388.659$5.63$250.00$58,489.19
1st July 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.2,555Grant/award etc.12,943.659$5.87$14,997.85$75,979.28
31st July 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.44.066Other acquisition or disposition12,987.725$5.67$250.00$73,683.26
1st September 2020FNCB - FNCB Bancorp, Inc.41.167Other acquisition or disposition13,028.892$6.07$250.00$79,121.86