Laura A Fennell, EVP, People and Places

INTU 46,741 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Laura A Fennell is at least $15,533,903.94. Laura A Fennell owns over 46,741 units of Intuit, Inc. stock worth over $15,533,903.94.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.408Payment by withholding46,741$332.34$135,594.72$15,533,903.94
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.388Exercise of derivative47,149$0.00
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.433Exercise of derivative46,761$0.00
31st December 2018INTU - Intuit, Inc.429Payment by withholding44,602$196.85$84,448.65$8,779,903.70
31st December 2018INTU - Intuit, Inc.865Exercise of derivative45,031$0.00
12th March 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.16,988Open or private sale27,614$251.52$4,272,806.47$6,945,448.43
12th March 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.50,500Open or private sale44,602$251.40$12,695,735.35$11,212,974.02
12th March 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.50,500Exercise of derivative95,102$82.59$4,170,795.00$7,854,474.18
15th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,981Open or private sale46,328$323.76$1,288,884.58$14,999,106.95
15th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.6,003Open or private sale50,309$322.38$1,935,253.74$16,218,670.76
15th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.9,797Open or private sale56,312$321.36$3,148,395.27$18,096,604.52
1st April 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.215Payment by withholding27,944$265.75$57,136.25$7,426,118.00
1st April 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.433Exercise of derivative28,159$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,235Payment by withholding31,361$264.20$854,687.00$8,285,576.20
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.432Exercise of derivative34,596$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,321Exercise of derivative34,164$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,888Exercise of derivative30,843$0.00
12th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.872Payment by withholding32,322$272.65$237,750.80$8,812,593.30
12th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.897Exercise of derivative33,194$0.00
12th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.936Exercise of derivative32,297$0.00
1st September 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.11,291Payment by withholding44,585$288.36$3,255,872.76$12,856,530.60
1st September 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.23,554Exercise of derivative55,876$0.00
14th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.29,204Open or private sale66,109$320.34$9,355,279.45$21,177,515.72
14th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.29,204Exercise of derivative95,313$107.25$3,132,129.00$10,222,319.25
1st October 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.215Payment by withholding44,803$264.30$56,824.50$11,841,432.90
1st October 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.433Exercise of derivative45,018$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,066Payment by withholding44,803$252.75$269,431.50$11,323,958.25
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.2Exercise of derivative45,869$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.8Exercise of derivative45,867$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.9Exercise of derivative45,859$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.78Exercise of derivative45,850$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.257Exercise of derivative45,772$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.649Exercise of derivative45,515$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.63Exercise of derivative44,866$0.00
31st December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.215Payment by withholding45,021$261.93$56,314.95$11,792,350.53
31st December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.433Exercise of derivative45,236$0.00
11th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,628Open or private sale66,109$323.00$1,171,844.00$21,353,207.00
11th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,005Open or private sale69,737$322.46$968,990.20$22,487,344.20
11th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.7,424Open or private sale72,742$321.55$2,387,208.73$23,390,401.05
11th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.4,604Open or private sale80,166$320.55$1,475,831.08$25,697,539.98
11th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.18,661Exercise of derivative84,770$107.25$2,001,392.25$9,091,582.50
10th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.4,405Open or private sale66,109$330.01$1,453,698.46$21,816,697.20
10th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.7,528Open or private sale70,514$329.51$2,480,541.49$23,234,976.47
10th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.4,399Open or private sale78,042$326.36$1,435,638.72$25,469,451.54
10th September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.16,332Exercise of derivative82,441$107.25$1,751,607.00$8,841,797.25
1st April 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.150Payment by withholding45,387$218.12$32,718.00$9,899,812.44
1st April 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.432Exercise of derivative45,537$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,155Payment by withholding48,554$302.58$652,059.90$14,691,469.32
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,554Exercise of derivative50,709$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.433Exercise of derivative49,155$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,323Exercise of derivative48,722$0.00
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.543Payment by withholding49,140$299.20$162,465.60$14,702,688.00
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.553Exercise of derivative49,683$0.00
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.576Exercise of derivative49,130$0.00
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.15,611Payment by withholding66,109$347.18$5,419,826.98$22,951,722.62
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.32,580Exercise of derivative81,720$0.00