Brad D Smith

INTU 359,001 shares
JWN 29,072 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Brad D Smith is at least $137,309,044.09. Brad D Smith owns over 359,001 units of Intuit, Inc. stock worth over $136,366,529.85.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,649Payment by withholding359,001$379.85$1,006,222.65$136,366,529.85
31st December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.617Exercise of derivative361,650$0.00
31st December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.444Exercise of derivative361,033$0.00
31st December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,106Exercise of derivative360,589$0.00
31st December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,281Exercise of derivative357,483$0.00
18th December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,376Payment by withholding356,202$380.11$523,031.36$135,395,942.22
18th December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.11Exercise of derivative357,578$0.00
18th December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.22Exercise of derivative357,567$0.00
18th December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.61Exercise of derivative357,545$0.00
18th December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.219Exercise of derivative357,484$0.00
18th December 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,063Exercise of derivative357,265$0.00
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.892Payment by withholding356,202$332.34$296,447.28$118,380,172.68
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.36Exercise of derivative357,094$0.00
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.443Exercise of derivative357,058$0.00
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,281Exercise of derivative356,615$0.00
25th February 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.20,062Bona fide gift258,140$0.00
29th May 2019JWN - Nordstrom, Inc.10,487Grant/award etc.29,072$32.42$339,988.54$942,514.24
11th June 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,096Grant/award etc.40,096$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.14,362Payment by withholding274,226$264.20$3,794,440.40$72,450,509.20
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.229Exercise of derivative288,588$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.8,667Exercise of derivative288,359$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.11,999Exercise of derivative279,692$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.9,427Exercise of derivative267,693$0.00
1st September 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.4,474Payment by withholding322,535$288.36$1,290,122.64$93,006,192.60
1st September 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.4,474Exercise of derivative327,009$0.00
1st September 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.43,238Payment by withholding322,535$288.36$12,468,109.68$93,006,192.60
1st September 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.91,547Exercise of derivative365,773$0.00
1st October 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.58Payment by withholding322,535$264.30$15,329.40$85,246,000.50
1st October 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.58Exercise of derivative322,593$0.00
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,230Open or private sale322,535$260.88$320,877.85$84,141,737.42
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,371Open or private sale323,765$260.08$356,572.83$84,205,545.86
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.62,707Open or private sale325,136$258.85$16,231,456.12$84,160,153.06
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.39,594Open or private sale387,843$257.98$10,214,547.23$100,056,590.39
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.122,548Open or private sale427,437$257.00$31,495,019.82$109,851,950.16
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.227,450Exercise of derivative549,985$82.59$18,785,095.50$45,423,261.15
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.4,116Payment by withholding322,535$252.75$1,040,319.00$81,520,721.25
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.4Exercise of derivative326,651$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.30Exercise of derivative326,647$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.70Exercise of derivative326,617$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.89Exercise of derivative326,547$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.965Exercise of derivative326,458$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,797Exercise of derivative325,493$0.00
12th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.161Exercise of derivative322,696$0.00
20th December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.18,773Bona fide gift303,762$0.00
31st December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.202Payment by withholding303,762$261.93$52,909.86$79,564,380.66
31st December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.202Exercise of derivative303,964$0.00
1st April 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.73Payment by withholding303,852$218.12$15,922.76$66,276,198.24
1st April 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.28Exercise of derivative303,925$0.00
1st April 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.45Exercise of derivative303,897$0.00
1st June 2020JWN - Nordstrom, Inc.21,097Grant/award etc.50,169$16.59$349,999.23$832,303.71
4th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,535Grant/award etc.44,631$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.12,352Payment by withholding318,241$302.58$3,737,468.16$96,293,361.78
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,776Exercise of derivative330,593$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.36Exercise of derivative328,817$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.4,954Exercise of derivative328,781$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.8,506Exercise of derivative323,827$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.11,464Exercise of derivative315,321$0.00
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,884Payment by withholding320,321$299.20$563,692.80$95,840,043.20
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,947Exercise of derivative322,205$0.00
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,017Exercise of derivative320,258$0.00
27th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,154Open or private sale0$344.18$1,085,538.67$0.00
27th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,133Open or private sale3,154$343.01$731,640.76$1,081,854.17
27th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.8,324Open or private sale5,287$342.03$2,847,049.40$1,808,307.32
27th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,709Open or private sale13,611$340.89$582,589.21$4,639,919.12
27th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,453Open or private sale15,320$339.93$1,173,770.35$5,207,692.36
27th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.15,615Bona fide gift304,706$0.00
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,081Payment by withholding355,334$347.18$375,301.58$123,364,858.12
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,081Exercise of derivative356,415$0.00
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.45,315Payment by withholding355,334$347.18$15,732,461.70$123,364,858.12
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.95,943Exercise of derivative400,649$0.00