Lynn Mckee, EVP, Human Resources

ARMK 188,139.96 shares
BMTC 7,489 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lynn Mckee is at least $5,840,847.54. Lynn Mckee owns over 188,139.96 units of Aramark stock worth over $5,564,653.22.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th February 2019ARMK - Aramark78.093Grant/award etc.281,569.96$0.00
8th March 2019ARMK - Aramark43,915Open or private sale188,139.96$29.58$1,298,882.74$5,564,653.22
8th March 2019ARMK - Aramark56,085Payment by withholding232,054.96$29.53$1,656,190.05$6,852,582.97
8th March 2019ARMK - Aramark100,000Exercise of derivative288,139.96$9.48$948,000.00$2,731,566.82
26th April 2019BMTC - Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.338Grant/award etc.7,489$36.88$12,465.44$276,194.32
30th May 2019ARMK - Aramark68.065Grant/award etc.188,208.025$0.00
12th August 2019BMTC - Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.83Exercise of derivative7,639$0.00
11th August 2019BMTC - Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.67Exercise of derivative7,556$0.00
15th August 2019BMTC - Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.402Grant/award etc.8,041$0.00
29th August 2019ARMK - Aramark58.604Grant/award etc.188,266.629$0.00
15th November 2019ARMK - Aramark950Payment by withholding203,761.629$43.31$41,144.50$8,824,916.15
14th November 2019ARMK - Aramark13,979Payment by withholding204,711.629$43.24$604,451.96$8,851,730.84
14th November 2019ARMK - Aramark30,424Grant/award etc.218,690.629$0.00
18th November 2019ARMK - Aramark1,116Payment by withholding201,722.629$43.66$48,724.56$8,807,209.98
16th November 2019ARMK - Aramark923Payment by withholding202,838.629$43.66$40,298.18$8,855,934.54
21st November 2019ARMK - Aramark7,071Grant/award etc.207,614.629$0.00
20th November 2019ARMK - Aramark1,179Payment by withholding200,543.629$45.12$53,196.48$9,048,528.54
27th November 2019ARMK - Aramark24,660Open or private sale207,614.629$44.41$1,095,150.60$9,220,165.67
27th November 2019ARMK - Aramark24,660Exercise of derivative232,274.629$11.63$286,795.80$2,701,353.94
26th November 2019ARMK - Aramark225,340Open or private sale207,614.629$44.11$9,939,747.40$9,157,881.29
26th November 2019ARMK - Aramark225,340Exercise of derivative432,954.629$11.63$2,620,704.20$5,035,262.34
9th December 2019ARMK - Aramark51.311Grant/award etc.207,665.94$0.00
27th February 2020ARMK - Aramark60.994Grant/award etc.207,726.934$0.00
24th April 2020BMTC - Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.477Grant/award etc.8,518$26.17$12,483.09$222,916.06
2nd June 2020ARMK - Aramark82.207Grant/award etc.207,809.141$0.00
11th August 2020BMTC - Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.68Exercise of derivative8,586$0.00
13th August 2020BMTC - Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.417Grant/award etc.9,003$0.00
2nd September 2020ARMK - Aramark75.65Grant/award etc.207,884.791$0.00
4th September 2020ARMK - Aramark26,502Grant/award etc.240,332.791$0.00
3rd September 2020ARMK - Aramark5,946Grant/award etc.213,830.791$0.00