Brian Oreilly

SPOK 78,835 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Brian Oreilly is at least $749,720.85. Brian Oreilly owns over 78,835 units of Spok Holdings, Inc. stock worth over $749,720.85.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st October 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,577Grant/award etc.78,835$9.51$14,997.27$749,720.85
2nd January 2019SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,131Grant/award etc.36,671$13.26$14,997.06$486,257.46
6th March 2019SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.4,000Grant/award etc.40,671$13.47$53,880.00$547,838.37
1st April 2019SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,101Grant/award etc.41,772$13.62$14,995.62$568,934.64
1st July 2019SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.997Grant/award etc.42,769$1,504.00$1,499,488.00$64,324,576.00
1st October 2019SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,256Grant/award etc.44,025$11.94$14,996.64$525,658.50
28th October 2019SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.9,000Grant/award etc.53,025$11.52$103,680.00$610,848.00
20th November 2019SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.5,000Open or private purchase58,025$11.42$57,100.00$662,645.50
2nd January 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,226Grant/award etc.59,251$12.23$14,993.98$724,639.73
2nd March 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.3,000Open or private purchase62,251$10.35$31,050.00$644,297.85
1st April 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,403Grant/award etc.63,654$10.69$14,998.07$680,461.26
1st July 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,604Grant/award etc.65,258$9.35$14,997.40$610,162.30
3rd August 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.5,000Open or private purchase71,461$10.04$50,200.00$717,468.44
17th August 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.5,000Open or private purchase76,461$10.55$52,732.50$806,395.94
25th August 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,000Open or private purchase78,461$10.90$10,900.00$855,224.90
25th August 2020SPOK - Spok Holdings, Inc.1,000Open or private purchase77,461$10.99$10,990.00$851,296.39