James D Wehr

GBLI 14,544 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James D Wehr is at least $328,403.52. James D Wehr owns over 14,544 units of Global Indemnity Limited stock worth over $328,403.52.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited3,321Grant/award etc.14,544$22.58$74,988.18$328,403.52
31st December 2018GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited276Grant/award etc.276$36.23$9,999.48$9,999.48
31st March 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited1,235Grant/award etc.1,511$30.38$37,519.30$45,904.18
30th June 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited1,210Grant/award etc.2,721$30.96$37,461.60$84,242.16
30th September 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited1,503Grant/award etc.4,224$24.97$37,529.91$105,473.28
31st December 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited1,265Grant/award etc.5,489$29.63$37,481.95$162,639.07
31st March 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited2,570Grant/award etc.8,059$29.19$75,018.30$235,242.21
30th June 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited3,164Grant/award etc.11,223$23.70$74,986.80$265,985.10
31st August 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited4,000Open or private purchase7,040$20.96$83,840.00$147,558.40