Sanford Robertson

PTIE 912,623 shares
CRM 124,017 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Sanford Robertson is at least $27,446,236.74. Sanford Robertson owns over 912,623 units of Pain Therapeutics, Inc. stock worth over $8,140,597.16.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th September 2020PTIE - Pain Therapeutics, Inc.36,281Open or private purchase912,623$8.92$323,626.52$8,140,597.16
17th September 2020PTIE - Pain Therapeutics, Inc.213,719Open or private purchase876,342$6.98$1,491,758.62$6,116,867.16
22nd February 2019CRM -, inc.889Grant/award etc.147,427$0.00
22nd May 2019CRM -, inc.782Grant/award etc.148,209$0.00
22nd August 2019CRM -, inc.808Grant/award etc.149,017$0.00
29th August 2019CRM -, inc.25,000Open or private sale124,017$155.67$3,891,732.50$19,305,639.58
19th December 2019PTIE - Pain Therapeutics, Inc.76,212Open or private purchase238,835$1.86$141,754.32$444,233.10
20th December 2019PTIE - Pain Therapeutics, Inc.423,788Open or private purchase662,623$2.20$932,333.60$1,457,770.60
22nd November 2019CRM -, inc.832Grant/award etc.124,849$0.00
22nd February 2020CRM -, inc.514Exercise of derivative125,363$0.00
22nd May 2020CRM -, inc.514Exercise of derivative75,877$0.00
18th June 2020CRM -, inc.1,500Open or private sale50,877$188.32$282,477.45$9,581,070.15
18th June 2020CRM -, inc.10,156Open or private sale52,377$187.55$1,904,795.38$9,823,500.14
18th June 2020CRM -, inc.5,094Open or private sale62,533$186.77$951,416.57$11,679,413.48
18th June 2020CRM -, inc.4,400Open or private sale67,627$185.58$816,538.80$12,550,015.78
18th June 2020CRM -, inc.2,550Open or private sale72,027$184.67$470,896.26$13,300,880.36
18th June 2020CRM -, inc.800Open or private sale74,577$183.59$146,869.04$13,691,315.50
18th June 2020CRM -, inc.500Open or private sale75,377$182.65$91,323.00$13,767,307.54
22nd August 2020CRM -, inc.514Exercise of derivative51,391$0.00
31st August 2020CRM -, inc.2,300Open or private sale36,391$273.78$629,697.45$9,963,182.57
31st August 2020CRM -, inc.4,100Open or private sale38,691$272.82$1,118,543.55$10,555,504.51
31st August 2020CRM -, inc.2,500Open or private sale42,791$272.21$680,530.00$11,648,223.69
31st August 2020CRM -, inc.4,000Open or private sale45,291$270.61$1,082,436.80$12,256,161.28
31st August 2020CRM -, inc.2,100Open or private sale49,291$269.94$566,864.76$13,305,395.66