Frank Calderoni, Chairman and CEO

PLAN 480,000 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Frank Calderoni is at least $30,331,632.00. Frank Calderoni owns over 480,000 units of Anaplan, Inc. stock worth over $30,331,632.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th October 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.23,578Open or private sale480,000$63.19$1,489,915.04$30,331,632.00
12th October 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.21,422Open or private sale503,578$62.65$1,342,131.14$31,550,168.86
21st September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.51,180Open or private sale1,093,791$57.14$2,924,261.42$62,495,717.61
20th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,144,971$0.00
10th April 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,177Exercise of derivative27,064$0.00
15th April 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.304,688Exercise of derivative1,507,365$0.00
18th April 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.149,188Open or private sale1,459,740$34.79$5,190,310.20$50,784,938.50
20th April 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative1,608,928$0.00
22nd May 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.48,366Open or private sale1,509,806$37.79$1,827,601.21$57,050,888.34
20th May 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,558,172$0.00
21st June 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.49,550Open or private sale1,561,819$50.93$2,523,531.95$79,541,879.85
20th June 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative1,611,369$0.00
28th June 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.100,000Open or private sale1,461,819$49.75$4,974,620.00$72,719,940.34
22nd July 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.49,703Open or private sale873,678$56.03$2,784,849.15$48,952,003.60
20th July 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative923,381$0.00
29th July 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.7,104Open or private sale588,596$60.00$426,268.42$35,318,114.38
29th July 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.1,300Open or private sale595,700$59.24$77,009.01$35,287,897.89
29th July 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.12,801Open or private sale597,000$57.91$741,279.03$34,571,016.30
29th July 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.30,199Open or private sale609,801$57.36$1,732,299.20$34,979,892.80
20th August 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.49,526Open or private sale925,715$57.77$2,861,117.02$53,478,555.55
20th August 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative975,241$0.00
12th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.3,507Open or private sale931,967$48.30$169,388.10$45,014,006.10
10th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,759Exercise of derivative935,474$0.00
12th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.15,000Open or private sale558,596$49.05$735,822.00$27,401,815.06
10th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.700Open or private sale573,596$48.26$33,779.97$27,680,079.53
10th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.5,821Open or private sale574,296$47.42$276,048.70$27,234,781.78
10th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.8,479Open or private sale580,117$46.77$396,545.87$27,130,911.86
23rd September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.50,579Open or private sale982,950$52.20$2,640,451.41$51,314,413.28
20th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,033,529$0.00
20th September 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,200Open or private sale554,396$54.16$227,477.88$30,026,863.51
11th October 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.200Open or private sale524,396$50.08$10,016.00$26,261,751.68
11th October 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.12,459Open or private sale524,596$49.48$616,436.43$25,955,541.21
10th October 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.356Open or private sale537,055$49.07$17,468.92$26,353,288.85
10th October 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.16,985Open or private sale537,411$48.60$825,484.59$26,118,604.53
21st October 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.49,957Open or private sale1,034,556$43.80$2,188,116.60$45,313,552.80
20th October 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative1,084,513$0.00
13th November 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.10,526Open or private sale494,396$49.04$516,157.15$24,243,400.01
12th November 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,474Open or private sale504,922$49.05$219,457.31$24,767,282.47
11th November 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,697Open or private sale509,396$48.61$471,406.08$24,763,573.39
11th November 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.5,303Open or private sale519,093$47.93$254,180.74$24,880,906.13
21st November 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.40,800Open or private sale453,596$54.83$2,236,949.76$24,869,398.61
21st November 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.50,025Open or private sale1,086,093$55.00$2,751,375.00$59,735,115.00
20th November 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,136,118$0.00
10th December 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.800Open or private sale423,596$52.26$41,810.00$22,138,185.95
10th December 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.29,200Open or private sale424,396$51.64$1,507,742.00$21,913,687.46
11th December 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,313Open or private sale1,091,540$51.00$219,964.29$55,668,867.46
10th December 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,760Exercise of derivative1,095,853$0.00
23rd December 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.50,293Open or private sale1,142,810$52.50$2,640,387.53$59,997,639.28
20th December 2019PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative1,193,103$0.00
3rd January 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,957Open or private sale408,596$54.04$538,047.40$22,079,342.91
2nd January 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.5,043Open or private sale418,553$54.01$272,367.89$22,605,670.83
10th January 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,789Open or private sale363,596$57.75$276,570.50$20,998,105.32
10th January 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.40,211Open or private sale368,385$56.86$2,286,421.59$20,946,592.13
21st January 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.48,249Open or private sale1,196,123$56.04$2,703,888.43$67,031,091.76
20th January 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,244,372$0.00
4th February 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.42,374Open or private sale270,000$61.34$2,599,339.81$16,562,556.00
4th February 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.51,122Open or private sale312,374$60.68$3,102,072.74$18,954,791.85
3rd February 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.100Open or private sale363,496$60.00$6,000.00$21,809,760.00
10th February 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.16,762Open or private sale225,000$60.94$1,021,466.22$13,711,365.00
10th February 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.28,238Open or private sale241,762$60.53$1,709,285.67$14,634,192.33
21st February 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.48,579Open or private sale1,249,107$60.78$2,952,427.59$75,915,477.21
20th February 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative1,297,686$0.00
11th March 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.3,758Open or private sale1,255,108$36.66$137,756.25$46,008,242.93
10th March 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,759Exercise of derivative1,258,866$0.00
23rd March 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.47,434Open or private sale1,309,236$27.75$1,316,127.48$36,326,716.67
20th March 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,356,670$0.00
11th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.108Open or private sale1,043,409$57.10$6,166.70$59,577,714.83
11th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,167Open or private sale1,043,517$55.76$232,351.92$58,186,507.92
10th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.8,362Exercise of derivative1,047,684$0.00
11th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.126Open or private sale1,039,322$57.07$7,190.82$59,314,106.54
11th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,863Open or private sale1,039,448$55.76$271,160.88$57,959,620.48
10th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,759Exercise of derivative1,044,311$0.00
11th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.5,258Open or private sale1,034,552$57.10$300,239.69$59,074,471.03
11th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.203,752Open or private sale1,039,810$55.76$11,361,211.52$57,979,805.60
10th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.408,900Exercise of derivative1,243,562$0.00
10th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.6,724Open or private sale525,000$59.48$399,952.93$31,227,735.00
10th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.19,383Open or private sale531,724$58.60$1,135,905.83$31,160,727.92
10th September 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.18,893Open or private sale551,107$57.63$1,088,771.47$31,759,359.53
8th April 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,073Exercise of derivative28,137$0.00
21st April 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.48,520Open or private sale1,362,279$36.69$1,780,354.06$49,986,375.80
20th April 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative1,410,799$0.00
18th May 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.45,000Open or private sale180,000$45.02$2,025,936.00$8,103,744.00
21st May 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.45,000Open or private sale135,000$49.09$2,209,122.00$6,627,366.00
21st May 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.48,784Open or private sale1,415,057$47.30$2,307,668.58$66,937,573.32
20th May 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,463,841$0.00
12th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,590Open or private sale1,423,235$43.17$198,143.42$61,438,920.10
10th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.8,361Exercise of derivative1,427,825$0.00
12th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.5,353Open or private sale1,419,464$43.11$230,750.70$61,188,550.76
10th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,760Exercise of derivative1,424,817$0.00
10th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.1,254Open or private sale120,000$48.07$60,279.28$5,768,352.00
10th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.9,407Open or private sale121,254$47.56$447,436.43$5,767,349.51
10th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.4,339Open or private sale130,661$46.40$201,315.72$6,062,252.28
22nd June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.50,630Open or private sale1,474,639$47.44$2,401,887.20$69,956,874.16
20th June 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative1,525,269$0.00
6th July 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.15,000Open or private sale105,000$49.35$740,299.50$5,182,096.50
10th July 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.200Open or private sale75,000$50.87$10,174.00$3,815,250.00
10th July 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.7,350Open or private sale75,200$50.18$368,843.58$3,773,746.56
10th July 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.22,450Open or private sale82,550$49.28$1,106,286.61$4,067,882.39
21st July 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.50,630Open or private sale1,525,571$45.87$2,322,398.10$69,977,941.77
20th July 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,562Exercise of derivative1,576,201$0.00
11th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.15,000Open or private sale45,000$45.00$675,000.00$2,025,000.00
10th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.2,000Open or private sale60,000$42.82$85,633.00$2,568,990.00
10th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.13,000Open or private sale62,000$42.23$548,983.50$2,618,229.00
21st August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.52,472Open or private sale834,662$46.15$2,421,839.91$38,523,741.14
20th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.101,563Exercise of derivative887,134$0.00
13th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.740,000Bona fide gift785,000$0.00
13th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.740,000Bona fide gift785,571$0.00
28th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.34,449Open or private sale570,000$62.63$2,157,675.22$35,701,323.00
28th August 2020PLAN - Anaplan, Inc.180,551Open or private sale604,449$61.95$11,185,278.89$37,446,099.11